Thursday, November 8, 2012

Currently... the process of baking Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls.  I know!  Wow!  Those of you who know me well, know I have not been moving far off the couch because of all-day morning sickness issues.  Ugh.  But today it's been mild.  And I have a need.  Our neighbor's dad died and I want to take up a plate of cinnamon rolls.  And I desperately want to go and visit an elderly DF of mine.  And so desperation takes over and I'm baking.  I'm thinking my family is going to be knocked off their feet tonight at the pleasant, long-ago smell of mommy baking again!

Currently...reading lots of books as I lay on the couch.  It's nice, ok, but I'd much rather be up and about being active.  But I guess I won't have much book reading time once the baby is born right??  

Currently...full of pizza.  Had lunch at Pizza Hut with my dad.  It tasted good, so I ate.  Actually I pigged out.  On the creamy alfredo pasta and curly fries.  Fries??  Yes, our Pizza Hut now has delicious curly fries on the noon buffet.  Crazy, I say, but oh so delicious!!   And Root Beer tasted good today...and French dressing on my salad.  I'm usually a Coke and Ranch dressing girl...but everything is so out of whack right now (including no caffeinne)!

Currently...snacking on red grapes, watermelon and canned peaches.  Mmmm, they taste so good to be.  Cold.  Ha, good thing I told you about my unhealthy eating first or you would be praising me for my healthy pregnancy eating.  Not!!  I eat what appeals right now.  Not much stays down.  So you eat and hope for the best.  And if it doesn't appeal, you cannoteatit no matter how much you tell yourself it's good for you.

Currently...grateful for sunny days.  Grey days never have bothered me.  They just make me cozy in more and get some craft stuff done.  But since I've not been feeling great, grey days are awful.  They make everything feel/seem worse.  I have fresh compassion for my dad and others that do. not. like. grey. days.  And I used to flippantly reply with how I loved them.   Eeep.  Compassion.

Currently...hoping tomorrow is another sunny day!

Currently...very behind with Project Life.  NOT liking that feeling at all.  Blog is behind.  Album  is behind.  And I've been sorely remiss in taking photos.  But really, how many photos can you capture from laying prone on the couch??  Yes, I hear ya', there are some great options, but frankly, I've had NO mojo of any sort for any thing.  OK, here's how life currently revolves around mommy's place on the papers, mail (just prenatal vitamins in that box!), books, socks.  The floor is my new command central.

Currently...making friends with dust bunnies.  They're kinda' cute!  ;)  
And good friends don't bring stress into your life (or add to it). thankful for a family that is not expecting a thing from me.   Nada.
And for friends & family that check in on me.

And so it goes.
Just a little wordy update from me and a snapshot of what life is like right now...


Melissa said...

teeheehee...that couch picture just makes me laugh! (sorry...) :)

So happy you got some pizza down today!! I was wiping a certain someone's nose. :)- NOT very appetizing! LOL! Seriously? Curly fries are at Pizza Hut?!!

Here's hoping for more sunshine tomorrow! :)


Bethaney said...

I so understand the couch picture. :-) There are just some times when life is like that.

We had a glorious 70 degree, sunshine-y day yesterday. Everything seemed possible. Wish we could have shared it with you!

Jen @ Running on Inspiration said...

I hope you continue to get your sunny days. Hang in there. I'd love to send you a little "sunshine" in the mail, so would you mind sending me your address at If not, no big deal. I know I had it at one time to mail you your art work, but I unfornutaley didn't keep it.

Take care of yourself :-)