Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn's vibrant color & beauty

Will just post quickly some views I've been enjoying the last week or so.  I've been working with my photos (almost done with the 31 Things class project from May/June)  the last day or so, enjoying some quiet down time.

I have many fabulous views from our home.  I sit in our family room "office" and have a fabulous view out the windows and patio doors.  Feels like I get the best of both worlds (outdoor/indoor) as I work.  Our little forest has grown so much over the years.  We planted it about 13 years ago I think.
I can enjoy the view from the kitchen also.
And outside our bedroom window is a beautiful forsythia that I love to see when I open the blinds each morning.  In the spring it's full of yellow blossoms, but in the fall, it's full of beautiful purple/yellow leaves.

View over my computer!  
Love my background photo and how well it meshes with what's really outdoors right now.

Morning view with the moon (w/Purple Ash tree),

Morning view,

 Just a few minutes later morning view, sunrise, kitchen window and patio door,

Evening view,

Kitchen window view,

Fall wouldn't be complete without some pots of mums around,

Family room patio door view,

Forsythia out our bedroom window,

Purple ash, family room patio door view,

Down in our forest.  Collecting leaves with DD2 for class.

And that's that.  It's been a gorgeous fall so far.  Bright.  Vibrant.  Just lighting up my insides as I take it in through my eyes.  Really!  Today we are getting wind and some rain, so I think our peak of color and vibrancy will be over now.  But I've certainly absorbed as much as I could these last several days.  Lots of walks.  Lots of daydreaming out the window looking at the color.  I've remarked about it many times to my family and they seem to think I've lost my marbles because I can't seem to stop absorbing and noticing it all, and of course, commenting to them about it, making sure they haven't missed what I've been seeing.

I've been in a wonderful mellow, happy, nurturing mood lately.  I think my family is soaking it up!
This is my season.  My time of year to cozy down and dig in.
It feels. so. good.
I've had so many good thought to think upon.
Things that are really feeding me deep down and hopefully will take it's effect from those depths all the way to the surface!  I don't want to live a hidden life.  Stuff hidden that I don't want others to see.  So that means I have to clean up my inward act!  And cleaning I am.

So, hence, you haven't heard from me much.  Just not in the blogging mojo quite yet I guess.


Janeen said...

BEEEAAAUTTIFFULLL Rebekah. Love all the different views you took. Will want to remember that. Beautiful blogging too. Ahhh, lovely fall. I'm glad we got this extra day today. Shivers tomorrow!

Patricia said...


Paula Laird said...

So pretty! I love seeing autumn in places where it's colorful.

Angie said...

Gorgeous colors!!! The red mums are stunning!!!! Fun to get a glimpse of what you see out your windows!!!!

Melissa said...

It's no wonder you're ready to settle in with THAT to look at each and every day! Beautiful!!! :) This fall has definitely been a colorful one and I'm loving it! Lots to take pictures of...LOL!

Stacy@{ShareandRemember} said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one of the deck with the flowers on the table. Yesterday was just gorgeous, in the morning anyway.

The Chairman's Wife said...

How pretty! We are camping at Devils Lake this weekend and I'm hoping the wind doesn't blow all the pretty leaves off before we get there!

Melissa said...

Oh what beautiful views! No fall color here in Texas yet, but we are having a little bit cooler weather.

Lani said...

Well, I've "heard" that we may get two more weeks out of this year's "peak season" here and I'm sure hoping it's true. This HAS been an absolutely gorgeous fall. More beautiful than others, I think. Love your kitchen view... especially that orange mum. Heavenly.

Alison said...

What beautiful views you have Rebekah!
Alison xx

MonicaB said...

There is nothing like fall colors!! Your photos are gorgeous. They just warm the heart.

Darcie said...


Bethaney said...

It is beautiful. I just can't believe you have been there 13 years. That just seems crazy to me. Love your views!