Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello to...

Hello to autumn with it's cooler days and even cooler evenings.  Think scarves, vests and fleece & curling up in cozy blankets.  (and some quiet day I might be able to add to that sentence about reading a book too!)

Hello to the start of routines and quieter days since school has started.

Hello to a new year with fresh spiritual goals and ambitions.

Hello to a freshly created creative to-do list of creative (PL album catch-up, learn to use my Silhouette, finish my 31 Things album, work on my quilt, some Pinterest projects, etc, etc....many more fun things on my list!)

Hello to decluttering more in the basement.

Hello to getting back into a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits.

Hello to baking loaves of Pumpkin Pecan bread and burning Autumn Wreath candles through out the house.

Hello to fun LittleMissMatched chevron socks!

Hello to a massage.

Hello to helping the kiddos with homework and nurturing them.  Being fully present and mindful!

And that's enough hello's from this chic!  Thanks Alison for the fun idea.  I won't be doing it weekly...I don't think...I hardly ever commit to anything like that anymore, but I may revisit the hello's again sometime


Melissa said...

It sounds like you are going to have a great fall with all the lovely things you are saying Hello to!

Melissa said...

A happy hello to you too! :) So nice when life settles down and we can settle in for the cooler months of the year! Love this post, btw!

Patricia said...

And HELLO to an awesome lady! :0)

Lani said...

Fun, Rebecca. :) You'll have to check for my list tomorrow. ;) Hope you're having a good fall. Trying to drum up activity over at the Ready, Set, Trot blog again if you're interested.

Darcie said...

....and a grand "hello" to you! Loved your list!

Paula Laird said...

Hello to you, too! Love this post! :)