Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ali Edwards encouraged us in her recent newsletter to play along with her in documenting our "right now", "currently",
 or "around here"

For me...
A mix of the immediate right now and the general right now!

Currently....catching up on my digital Take 12 layouts.

Currently....looking into online school-help sites for DD2 to help her in 4th grade.  Intense teacher with lots of homework and studying for tests.  Have any site recommendations for me?

Currently....welcoming home DD1 from a 4-day field trip!!  I sure missed her and have no desire to hurry the empty nest idea.  Love hearing all her stories, and yes, looking at her photos!  She took a few specifically with me in mind.  That's my girl!

Currently....trying to nurture my family more.  Taking time to make sure DD2 is on track with her school work (see 2nd topic above!).  And DH has a class overload this semester, so a lot more grading/correcting for him.  After 3:00 I'm pretty much head-over-heels into making things run smoothly and peacefully.

Currently....listening to DD2 sing hymns in the other room.  Love that she loves to sing them!

Currently....looking forward to my BIL coming to visit this weekend.

Currently....looking forward to a new front door being installed.  Think red and more light!  Welcome, welcome!

Currently....SUPER excited with the news I received last evening that my SIL is coming for a week around New Year's!  Wow!!  I'm very blessed to have in-laws that I want to claim as my own.  I'm an only child, and am so happy to have married into a large, caring family.

Currently....exploring some very heartfelt goals and purposes.  Isn't it great to have a deeper purpose to life?  Thankful for direction and re-direction all through life.  That's it not all about ME and my own short-sighted goals.

Currently....enjoying tea more than coffee.

Thanks Ali for the blog post idea!  Not a lot of blog writing time around here, but it was nice to sit and document a little of life.  That I do make time for.  Still love, love Project Life.  I also can't wait to finish my 31 Things class project that documented some finer details of my/our life.
(also taught by Ali and now available as a self-paced class; see link in above sentence.)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hello to...

Hello to autumn with it's cooler days and even cooler evenings.  Think scarves, vests and fleece & curling up in cozy blankets.  (and some quiet day I might be able to add to that sentence about reading a book too!)

Hello to the start of routines and quieter days since school has started.

Hello to a new year with fresh spiritual goals and ambitions.

Hello to a freshly created creative to-do list of creative (PL album catch-up, learn to use my Silhouette, finish my 31 Things album, work on my quilt, some Pinterest projects, etc, etc....many more fun things on my list!)

Hello to decluttering more in the basement.

Hello to getting back into a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits.

Hello to baking loaves of Pumpkin Pecan bread and burning Autumn Wreath candles through out the house.

Hello to fun LittleMissMatched chevron socks!

Hello to a massage.

Hello to helping the kiddos with homework and nurturing them.  Being fully present and mindful!

And that's enough hello's from this chic!  Thanks Alison for the fun idea.  I won't be doing it weekly...I don't think...I hardly ever commit to anything like that anymore, but I may revisit the hello's again sometime

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Crafting!

I've enjoyed playing along with Big Picture Classes Big Idea Festival this year.  
(go ahead, check it's FREE!)  

I won't be able to participate in any more of the challenges though because this week will be spent with some very special friends and acquaintances at a very special gathering.  But I'm proud of myself for digging right in regardless of knowing ahead that I wouldn't be able to participate in all of them!
This is the earliest I've gotten crafty for the season (I'm a fall/winter crafter), so I hope it's a good sign of a long, happy, crafty filled fall and winter season.
**happy sigh**

A card for a girl friend. I made this card all on my own (as in no CASE'ing)!  But it was hard because I'm so used to CASE'ing everything lately (Pinterest anyone??)!!  It was a good challenge though and likely tested the opposite side of my brain (ouch!).  I've sent a card out four days in a row now as part of the #HappyMail challenge (I forgot to take photos of one of them).  Again, that too will stall for this week, but I'm looking forward to starting it up again when I get home.  
I've already got quite a list of people I want to send cards to.  
Watch your box for HappyMail!  :)

I made this card for my MIL...the quote has been her theme this summer.
 Product is from the Simple Stories line.
I have tons of their glorious paper packs.  LOVE!
But now it's time to recover from the love affair and start using the stuff!!
I'm joining in a challenge with friends to use more from my stash and what a fun journey it's been.
The tag below used brand new stuff from my stash...that's been in my stash for months.  Sheesh!
**insert eye roll**

Day Two Big Idea, Fun Photos with Rebecca Cooper,
Taken with Instagram on my iPad.
Fun braids for the 2nd day of school! 

Day Three, Dreams with Courtney Walsh,
Photos from a a recent family vacation.
More Simple Stories product.
Journaling reads:  
Dreams. I'm not much of a dreamer. But the other day while running, It hit me that I'm living my dream. I always dreamed of being a SAHM and tending to my home and family. And here I am. September 7, 2012 and doing just that. And have been for the last 14 years. A dream come true. I'm thankful for a happy, loving family and for a husband that has a good job that allows for our home life to be like it is. There is nothing I would rather be doing. These photos were taken on a recent summer vacation to Milwaukee, where we enjoyed some time on the beach of Lake Michigan. It was beautiful I love the feet walking on the beach. We walk together in life. Through the good and the bad. And love bears us through.

Day Five, Happy Crafting with May Flaum,

I loved May's inspirational video (register for free and you can watch it too!) and knew right away what I needed to tackle for more happy crafting. I had a whole stash of new Tim Holtz stuff and kept telling myself I didn't know how to use it or do the cool stuff people do with it (also the banner strips...been seeing a lot of those too and wanting to try them on something). But after listening to May, I dug in and created a tag; truly happy crafting for me Saturday afternoon. I can't wait to use it on a fall layout soon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Get well soon...

I've been trying to get over some sinus junk my kiddos shared with me.  They got over it rather quickly, but mine has settled in for the long haul, leaving me achey and very tired (this is the 2nd illness I've had this who never hardly gets sick...).  Friday evening  I decided to make up a batch of Elderberry Syrup.  It is supposed to be a good support to the immune system. We'll see.  You can find it in the stores, labeled Sambucol, but it's very expensive.  I buy the dried berries from my local co-op and store them in the freezer.  They special order them from Frontier for me.

Here's my loosely followed recipe:

Elderberry Syrup

1 cup dried Elderberries
2 cinnamon sticks
10 whole cloves
2 Tbsp minced ginger
3 cups water
1/2-1 cup honey (base on taste; I don't like it overly sweet.)

Place dried Elderberries and water in a pot and bring to boil.  Turn down heat and simmer for about 20 min with cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger.  After simmering is done, strain the mixture and reserve liquid. Press down firmly on mixture to be sure and get all the juice out.  Return to rinsed pot and simmer over low heat for about 20-25 minutes or until liquid has reduced about 1" (I probably had about 1 1/2 cups of syrup).  Add honey and stir to dissolve.  Store in refrigerator.  This will keep for up to 2 weeks.

Take 1-2 Tbsp daily for maintenance.
Take 3-5 Tbsp when you're feeling like you are coming down with something.

Namaste, keep well!
I'm starting back into my yoga routines and tea drinking.

And by the way,
in case you've noticed...
my daughter has claimed a board of her own on my Pinterest account
and is avidly pinning chocolate & peanut butter recipes LOL!!
Whew...and baby, NO I'm not pregnant!!
(oh, and she isn't either!  She loves babies and anything baby related so she is likely
already planning out her own baby nursery for some day!)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm back after a long summer hiatus!  It was wonderful.  We made up a summer bucket list at the beginning of sumner (2nd summer doing this and we love it) and we have almost everything crossed off.  Two things didn't get crossed off, but we did attempt them (getting together with two different families).  One thing from our family list didn't get done and two things off the kids & mom list.  It wasn't a list of things that we felt we HAD to do, just a list that kept us on track with things we love and wanted to do if time allowed.  And it did!  Overall, we are THRILLED with how our summer went.  Full of travels and wonderful times spent with family and friends near and far.  Lots of time out in the sunshine and in the water.  Lazy mornings.  Fresh garden eats.  You get the idea!

Today we started in with back to school routines.  I've sat and heard the reports and it went well.  School pictures were delivered and are now displayed in their rightful place on our piano in the living room.  My babies are growing up!  Guess that happens.

Summer bucket list, (blurred on purpose!)

Have you heard?

Big Picture Classes

Big Picture Classes is having their annual Big Idea Festival!  I'm so excited.  I've already gotten today's big idea done (see further down in this post).  Register for FREE and check out Day One's challenge.  It has something to do with this...

Stacy Julian and Doodlebug Designs have announced a new, fun year-long challenge that I'm looking forward to participating in as I can. It was the perfect "back into blogging" project I needed.

Day one of the Big Idea Festival...

Make someone's day with a hand written letter and as a bonus a card too.
I needed to send out a sympathy card for a special couple that have recently had a miscarriage with twins.  Very sad.  But this challenge fit perfectly, not that I was wanting to make their day.  There are no perfect words for times like this, but I did want to share with them our love and care.

Here is the card I made, CASE'd from a card I saw on Pinterest from this blog.

hand written note inside, 

and mailed (missed the mailman at our own box),