Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Life, a work in progress

A view from my bike ride the other day,

Project Life is coming along.  It's one project I aim to keep up with.  OLW and MMEW might have to go by the wayside, but documenting our life (which PL is more about us than me like the other projects) is something I don't want to give up.  But the summer schedule is nearing and already I'm finding myself changing modes because of other things in life coming up.  Good things that need my attention and focus.  I stamped several cards last week, but just haven't felt the "gottatakeaphotoandblogaboutthem" feeling.  I did take photos, so maybe someday they will show up on here, but for now, I'm content with just stamping them and sending them along with love.

So...with that said, the typical spotty blog posting has begun whether summer is officially here or not!
I'll check in as a I can!

Happy summer!

I noticed yesterday the community pool was filled.  They open right after Memorial Day.
Can't wait to take a swim and sit poolside with a good book.


mollymoo951 said...

I understand that feeling...made a couple cards...photographed...but not yet blogged...AND...the pool will be open June 6 I think. I think we might go this year. :-D

Melissa said...

What a lovely photo from your bike ride!! Enjoy your summer & touch base when you can.

Angie said...

Enjoy your summer!!! I think when anything that is SUPPOSED to be fun turns into's time to let it go!!! I think it's great that you take photos of your cards. I enjoy doing that just to have a kind of photo journal of my work!

I LOVE your beautiful photograph from your bike ride!!!!

Alison said...

Happy Summer to you too! The first of my summer visitors has arrived this week, and already my life feels as though its not my own...
Alison xx