Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fresh strawberries

Here's what I discovered in the garden today!

Here's what I made this weekend.
Not sure I'll make them again.  They were good, but not the tantalizing taste I thought would come from the pricier ingredients used and fussier steps taken
(browning the butter...)

Here's a glimpse at some more work at 31 Things,

(I made a few things [Veggie Pizza, Hotdogs and Beans in the crockpot and the above mentioned bars.] to bring to a potluck yesterday.  I love cooking/baking and feeding people!)

Transportation, (DD2 noticed two years ago on a trip that the Toyota emblem looked like a cowboy hat.  Don't know if that little blip ever got recorded but it will now thanks to this writing assignment!
That's what I'm loving about this.  Stories. being. told.)

We are on Day 13 and I have 6 out of the 13 photos taken.  No layouts done, but all the writing is done.  Today's writing will be done this evening before heading to bed.  It's been the perfect thing to unwind with each evening.  Once the pen hits the paper, the writing just flows.  I like that!  I'm happy (or should I say content!) with my progress.


505whimsygirl said...

Haaaa - yes, I do see the cowboy hat - a mighty impressive BIG cowboy hat!

I have always had a hard time writing in a journal - so I thought I'd try art journaling. Well, I've managed to get one page of that done.... haaaaa


Carol Anne said...

Lovely strawberries! Two more weeks til ours arrive.

Sian said...

You can't beat the feeling you get when the writing flows! (..or the feeling you get when you know there is a meal in the crockpot..)

Melissa said...

Oh, those strawberries look delicious!! So glad you are getting some stories recorded with 31 Things.

Alison said...

Glad you're still enjoying your writing!
Alison xx