Thursday, May 24, 2012

31 Things by Ali Edwards

I signed up for Ali Edward's class, 31 Things.  I almost didn't, but I can hardly resist a class by Ali.  So far, even though life has been busy, I've taken the time each evening to write.  And it feels SO good.  Helps me unwind.  And it's so rewarding to take time to write down some stories.  Tell them a little deeper than I would in Project Life.  Tell stories I might not otherwise.  And in telling them, realize other topics that come up what I want to tell more deeply.  I jot those down at the end.

Here's my notebook and a glimpse of my writing!  
Haven't actually used the templates and organized my photos, 
but right now, the writing is important to me.

My writing journal,

And a few daily snapshots so far,

Day 1, Jewelry

Day 2, Morning routine, Awake & Inspire!

Day 3, Reading (bedside bin; more reading by my reading chair!)

Day 4:  Spirit


mollymoo951 said...

Enjoy that journey. You have some very interesting pictures! Love those shots! YAY you on all the writing!

Melissa said...

I love that you are keeping up with the writing despite all the busy-ness of you life & not worrying about completing pages right now. And that is such a happy journal!

Alison said...

Enjoy the writing...looks like you've found plenty to say so far!
Alison xx

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Love the pictures! They evoke some wonderful things!