Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fresh strawberries

Here's what I discovered in the garden today!

Here's what I made this weekend.
Not sure I'll make them again.  They were good, but not the tantalizing taste I thought would come from the pricier ingredients used and fussier steps taken
(browning the butter...)

Here's a glimpse at some more work at 31 Things,

(I made a few things [Veggie Pizza, Hotdogs and Beans in the crockpot and the above mentioned bars.] to bring to a potluck yesterday.  I love cooking/baking and feeding people!)

Transportation, (DD2 noticed two years ago on a trip that the Toyota emblem looked like a cowboy hat.  Don't know if that little blip ever got recorded but it will now thanks to this writing assignment!
That's what I'm loving about this.  Stories. being. told.)

We are on Day 13 and I have 6 out of the 13 photos taken.  No layouts done, but all the writing is done.  Today's writing will be done this evening before heading to bed.  It's been the perfect thing to unwind with each evening.  Once the pen hits the paper, the writing just flows.  I like that!  I'm happy (or should I say content!) with my progress.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

31 Things by Ali Edwards

I signed up for Ali Edward's class, 31 Things.  I almost didn't, but I can hardly resist a class by Ali.  So far, even though life has been busy, I've taken the time each evening to write.  And it feels SO good.  Helps me unwind.  And it's so rewarding to take time to write down some stories.  Tell them a little deeper than I would in Project Life.  Tell stories I might not otherwise.  And in telling them, realize other topics that come up what I want to tell more deeply.  I jot those down at the end.

Here's my notebook and a glimpse of my writing!  
Haven't actually used the templates and organized my photos, 
but right now, the writing is important to me.

My writing journal,

And a few daily snapshots so far,

Day 1, Jewelry

Day 2, Morning routine, Awake & Inspire!

Day 3, Reading (bedside bin; more reading by my reading chair!)

Day 4:  Spirit

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Life, a work in progress

A view from my bike ride the other day,

Project Life is coming along.  It's one project I aim to keep up with.  OLW and MMEW might have to go by the wayside, but documenting our life (which PL is more about us than me like the other projects) is something I don't want to give up.  But the summer schedule is nearing and already I'm finding myself changing modes because of other things in life coming up.  Good things that need my attention and focus.  I stamped several cards last week, but just haven't felt the "gottatakeaphotoandblogaboutthem" feeling.  I did take photos, so maybe someday they will show up on here, but for now, I'm content with just stamping them and sending them along with love.

So...with that said, the typical spotty blog posting has begun whether summer is officially here or not!
I'll check in as a I can!

Happy summer!

I noticed yesterday the community pool was filled.  They open right after Memorial Day.
Can't wait to take a swim and sit poolside with a good book.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Retirement goodbyes

My DH has two men in his department that are retiring this month.  One of the other employees asked me to put together a page for each of them for the front of a scrapbook she is creating for them.  Fun!  Can't find time to scrapbook for myself, but hey, why not!  I went to cut up a piece of card stock and saw a Project Life journal card sitting there.  Instantly the light bulb went on to put the retirement "to-do" lists on those (did it digitally with my digi cards from Jessica Sprague.com)  I was inspired for the to-do list by this example.

The photo of each man will go on the big orange layer.
One man is an avid golfer and the other an outdoors man!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Things: Fun & Inspiring

I've been over-whelmed (in a good way!) by some fun things this week and want to share them with you!

Warning, lots of Pinterest links!!

1.  An inspiring article about "Switching Your Focus".  Whew, really needed that and it was so reassuring.  It has been definitely been time to lower, or maybe I should say change, my expectations for my daily routine/schedule. I'm not lowering them...I'm needing to reach out more to someone and that will take more time.  But it's time I WANT to give.  So there.  Previous expectations must change.

2.  Another great article about balance.  The comments were just as inspiring/encouraging.  I love thinking about margin now. Life ebbs and flows.  Some days/weeks are busier than others, but some offer plenty of the quiet home time that my heart craves.  Those are the times when I need to be very wise in how I spend my time.  Seasons.  A season to get things done.  Another season to serve and care for others when it's needed.  Thanks Misti for the link to both of these articles, love that you scouted these out at such a perfect time for me 
(or us...fellow flybabies!)

3.  Project Life inspiration.  Wow!  Some awesome stuff out there!  Did you get to score in on Becky's fabulous 50% sale on her card stock collections??  Wowza!  Such cool ideas that stretched my mind this week on what to use it all for!!  Watch Becky's video for further inspiration.  Again, I'm totally WOW'd!
I promise to post a PL update soon...
still working on catching up.

4.  Summer!  It's almost here!  3 1/2 more weeks of school.  I'm so excited to be done with making school lunches most mornings.  I don't know why I hate it so, but I do.  But I hate the thought of my kids eating school lunch every day even more, to there you have it!  I've been seeing (check out my Summer pin board for the ideas I'm seeing...) some summer lists that have my creative mind excited. I can't wait to get our own made up.  I remember visiting some friends last summer, and she had their list posted on a chalkboard. A cross-off box next to each item.  All listed together in one big "paragraph" type deal.  Kind of like this, but with the little box before each item.  Hello Sunshine!

5.  With summer almost here, that means time spent with extended family.  One of which will be over July 4th.  Can. not. wait.  Love these fun patriotic finds.

6.  SMASH fun will be rekindled this summer.  The kids and I will document a road trip with one!

7.  Love the colorful style here.  I knew where to get my own version, Maurices.  I got a red/white polka dot tank with a navy bolero.  Red flip flops.  With denims?  Rockin'!  :)  And a navy ruffled tank with a white bolero I already have.  Stylin'! :)

8.  Best mac and cheese recipe. It even warms up delicious!  And it does taste very close to Panera's.  Bliss!

9.  Could. not. resist.  Ali Edward's new class, 31 Things.  I want to write more.  That's all there is to it.  I absolutely love recording our life.  I want to dig deeper into the why's and wherefore's. 

10.  Oh my, I'm at 10 and ran out of steam! I'm off to go scrapbook now.  I have two 8.5x11 pages that have been requested of me for two men that are retiring in my DH's department.  Best get busy!  Maybe I should cruise on over to Pinterest and look for ideas?  Ya' think?  ;)  LOL, that would only take another hour or so.  Whew, that place is so, so inspiring.  Ah, there we go, just thinking about that site brings me something to put with #10!  
A favorite quote of the week here.  Whew, thanks Pinterest!!!

Not one single photo for ya' though.
Sorry, if this is to go live today and I'm still going to have time to scrapbook those pages, I best just hit publish and be content.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day and birthdays

My MIL's birthday is Saturday and Mother's Day is Sunday!  I best get these cards in the mail to her!!
She has been keeping her sister company, so I made a card for her too, been wanting to send her one anyway.

(not a good link, but at least you'll know this is not my original!)

And for Mother's Day, got to use some new Amy Tangerine paper from this 6x6 pad.
So bright and cheerful...and it even has some camera paper in there!!

Up next, a Project Life update I hope!
Been busy catching up on a few weeks of memories.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A merry heart, blue skies and contentment

I finally got to work on an art journal page, and then got so into it that I made two!
Yesterday I went out for a walk, but it turned into a run.  It was just so nice out, and it completely energized me.  The sky was so blue and full of white wisps.  It was instant inspiration for my art journal page.

I used my Papertrey cloud die cuts for the cloud grateful thoughts.

*reorganized my Mondays to not be so stressful. 
Yesterday was perfect!
*a quick or long run outdoors.  Blue skies, white fluffy clouds and sunshine.
*the power of prayer in giving me comfort and direction.
*zappos.com went above and beyond my expectations in a return request.
*a song in my heart.  Lines of hymns that come to mind that are the perfect fit to the current situation.
*our newish, dependable quiet, dependable, smooth riding van for the many trips up to the hospital. Lots of quiet think time.

I've also been wanting to try my hand at houses.
Between this fun challenge, this beautiful page and my contentment in having some quiet home days again after a busy week, I was fully inspired all over again for my second page of the evening.
It's fun to dabble with my paints.
It's a nice time of reflection, thinking of my artistic mother who was so talented.

Ripped a page out of an old book for the house art background, hearts and even put my washi tape on a page and took it off...the print stuck to it and with a little extra adhesive was able to stick to my art journal page.  Used a fun new stencil I bought at Archiver's a few weeks ago, along with some yellow Mr. Huey paint sprays.  
Someday we need a new front door.  
I'm dreaming of a bright and cheerful color to brighten the entrance with.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy International Scrapbooking Day!!

I'm just now going down to my corner today...should have about an hour before I need to worry about dinner.  I won't be actually scrapbooking I'm afraid, but I need to just get organized and cleaned up.  A scrapper chic's next best hobby right? ;)
Because this is how things are looking in my craft corner,

Drawers where I keep papers for both DDs...
totally disorganized and I don't even know which drawer is whose...

Project Life bin, lots and lots of papers to be put into my album!
I've been meaning to date the papers as I throw them in, but that hasn't been happening yet this year.

The whole area, MESS!

And even under my table...birthday scrapbook stash...a past project still uncompleted and still packed from a trip to Archiver's last May...eeek!

So...much to do!
Happy International Scrapbook Day!
The challenges over at BPC look so fun...if I can make a dent in my cleaning/organizing, maybe I can participate in one of them.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April OLW Blog Hop

Nihao, Cupcake! Blog

Welcome to our OLW blog hop!

A special thanks to Margie for hosting this monthly fun hop.
 If you have arrived from Amanda's blog, you are in the right spot.  If you get lost along the way, there is a full participant list at the end of this post.

 First off, I'm sorry I had to skip out on last month's hop.  I really missed it.  But I did catch up on my work (see photos below). And here this month has been even more challenging.  My dad has not been feeling well the last few weeks and then ended up in the ER last Monday evening.  Then he spent the rest of the week in a hospital about 1 hr and 15 min from here.  I spent a lot of time on the road last week.  But I also learned how to manage my time a bit better.  If I was going to accomplish anything related to being crafty and/or doing housework, I had to keep focused when I was home.  One morning I spent about 10 minutes printing April's OLW information.  I also printed off the PDF for writing the two letters and took them with me to the hospital.  I was able to use the drive up there to think about what I wanted to write, and then used the time while my dad was gone out of his room for some testing to write my letter!
Viola', here I am feeling happy and calm!

I always enjoy listening to the monthly video presentations and keep forgetting to include a few highlights that encourage me each month.  Here are a few from April's presentation.

"Things don't always go as planned.  Be hopeful.  Good things can come."
About the cycle of life, "The process from bloom to re-bloom is a long process but it happens every year."  Comparing those cycles to our own life cycles.

Here are photos of my March project.  The action I wanted to accomplish didn't happen until the first part of April, but I definitely felt a sense of renewal on some deeper feelings and vows I made back in September of last year.  March was a busy month and I filled it in based on my wall calendar so I could remember why I wasn't able to really take action until April.  This is not about being discouraged, but about being truthful and positive.

Here are a few photos of April's project,

Washi tape madness!!  I've joined the club!  
Target carries it in their office supply section.  I had to do some squats to find it, but find it I did!  And I had to search 3 different Targets (benefit of going to the city everyday!!) before going back to the last one to find it!  Thanks Melissa and Paula for your directions on how and where to look!!

 Please continue on to Tere's creative and fun blog!

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