Thursday, April 12, 2012


First off, thank you for the many comments and emails on my last few posts.  I've appreciated the encouragement from them as I get back into blogging mode.  Knowing you are not along in the struggle to live life at it's finest is heartening!  I'm sorry my posts are so word heavy, but I do enjoy writing.  It was a bit of a fearful thing to put yourself "out there" as they say, but's all part of opening my heart and by doing so, I received helpful words from you that encouraged me.  Thank you.

***insert hearts***
I don't know how to do that on my new computer yet...huge learning curve ahead!

A few friends and I have been enjoying the style advice of another Flybaby friend.  It's been fun to see each other's style and to see how to make our style emerge even better!  This spring I've been trying to add more color to my outfits.  And with losing weight (don't worry I've been at a stand still the last month), I've been feeling less like wearing cardivests (like this one) and wanting more  cropped sweaters (like this).  DH says I shouldn't be hiding my figure and my friends seems to be telling me the same!  SO!  With words like that, what'a girl to do?  Well, I'm not intending to flaunt everything and have stuff hanging out.  No, no, no.  That's now what he meant.  But just not to be hiding behind stuff.  I have a some back flab and that has kept me in hiding, but it does feel like it's gone down some and really, I'm noticing most people do have it so why do we try to hide something that everyone else has??  To look like we're perfect and they're not?   Eek, I hope that's not my motive.

So anyhoo, I had to make my fashionista friend a card.  I pulled out some new paper (Heidi Swapp's 12x12 resist) I brought home from that Archiver's trip back in March.  Awesome stuff, paired with Mr. Huey's paint sprays (which by the way is what I used on my art journal page in yesterday's post...sorry I forgot to post about how I made the page...I was feeling too wordy already with what I posted!).  These are made by Studio Calico!

And some mail art to go along with it,

So happy day! 
I'm off to get the clothes on the line (extra getting done today b/c tomorrow is suppose to be rainy and I'm challenging myself to use my dryer as little as possible) and get a run in before I head to town. (oops, just got shipping notification that my new running shoes will be delivered today.  I think I'll hold off on that run until this afternoon!  Gotta' love  I've got lots of errands to get done in town today, and then I'm taking my dad to lunch.  And I might need to have pie for dessert.  We're going to a cafe that I've never been to, but is an old stand-by to the older population of our town.  But it's closing in June, so I best get my in there to be part of it's history!  I keep hearing about their pies...

Had lunch with an elderly friend yesterday too.
Putting those hibernated social skills back into ACTION...
and guess heart is joyful!
And I got some new clothes
(went shopping before I visited her)
...pops of color to add to my collection.  Yea!

It's also the 12th, so I'm participating in Ella Publishing's Take Twelve.  I still need to fine-tune my March edition of this, but I'm super excited about documenting spring in this month's edition.  Stay tuned!

Just had to add one more set of ().


Alison said...

Lovely Mail Art...lovely to hear that your weight loss is increasing your confidence!
Alison xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Rebekah,

Good going on the weight loss. I've been going the other way. For some reason I've gotten to the point of eating sweets - a lot. I'm usually the girl that craves salty things. Very strange.

The card looks great and love what you've done with the envelope!


Sue Althouse said...

Cute card! I'm also doing the Take Twelve this month, so maybe we'll see each other's pages over there!

Melissa said...

What a great card & I really like that mailbox stamp on the envelope.

doris sander said...

i think that's a very stylish card for a fashionista! keep up the great creative work and workouts! :)

Sian said...

Rebekah, it's a tonic to come here and read about your renewed enthusiasm for blogging and sharing. Wonderful!

mollymoo951 said...

I love it! I look at it EVERYDAY! I love it! got the envie right under the card, too! Looks awesome IRL. Thank you!