Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cutlivating a grateful heart

I've been meaning to get this going all year.  Seriously!  It's been on my mind THAT. LONG.  Wanting to combine art journaling and a gratefulness series.  I found this stamp in one of my SU sets and was so moved by it one day back in January.  "A grateful heart is the mainspring of happiness."  That really hit home.  Feels good to finally get this together and start.  I don't know if it will be an every week occurrence. I want it to be every week, but I don't set myself up with too many goals that aren't relevant to the demands of every day life! It's not been busy, just wonderful and fun (now that I'm out of my rut), and I've been soaking it all up and learning a few things along the way.

One of the things I've been learning about is "letting go".  Letting  go every. single. night. when I get down to pray.  Things that got under my skin that day need to be let go of.  Feelings/emotions that were sad or hurt need to be let go.  It's all negative energy and not worth another day's acknowledgement.  I could be holding on to so much more that is good and positive and I. will.  Moving forward. 
Being open and honest with myself and others.  Opening my heart.  Not holding grudges.  Letting others just be who they are and, I, firmly settled in who I am. I did this last week and it was SO liberating!

I've also learned more about how I love to socialize.  I need it.  I love visiting with others.  I'm going to make this happen MORE.  I'm afraid we as humans tend to let this slip in the hustle and bustle we call life.  Another reason to let go of busy and realize you have time to do the things you want and love.  Things that are at the very core of living for others.  Summer always seems "busier", and yes, there is more outdoor/garden work, but I'm not letting that stop me from getting OUT and also having folks IN.  Togetherness is what feeds our compassion for one another as we learn to mingle and mix and love each other despite weaknesses and failures.  Whew, that's deep eh?  ;) Simply, we. are. not. too. busy. to. do. what. we. love.
Where is my treasure?

Yoga.  I think I've almost gone a month without it.  Not good.  I can feel it in every fiber of my body.  Tight.  Nervous.  So I'm getting back into it again.  I let it go b/c it didn't burn enough calories.  Now, I don't care how few calories it burns, calorie burn isn't the only healthy thing going.  My body needs to unwind.  The evening stretching will be back in action.

I also enjoyed food for my soul at our spring special church meetings.  The visits beforehand, the spirit left behind in our homes and the living bread that fed my soul.  It renewed my goals from this fall. And renewed my love for my place as a full-time SAHM.  It's where I need to be.
An efficient, focused but loving home manager.
Many roles.  Love to go all the way around.
Prov. 31 anyone?

No School days.  We've had several of them lately.  Two for spring break and four for Easter break.  And an early release day.  Looking forward to summer!  No school brings the lack of routine and schedule that we all need at times.  One day was spent shopping.  One day was spent with one daughter scrapbooking.  Other days were just simply spent at home.

Enjoy the new week!
Love this little gem that goes along perfectly with my quest to cultivate joy,



Melissa said...

What a great quote & a lovely art journal page! I agree, we must let things go and start each day fresh.

Jen said...

I love this! I have found my grateful happy place, too. And I know what you mean about being social and community. Quite valuable if you ask me :-) I haven't been the best about blogging for awhile and I do miss the community aspect. I have been more social in real life and have started doing amazing things because of it. I don't know if you remember but I started running using the couch to 5k program last May and just last week I decided to sign up for a marathon this December. Crazy! It's amazing what happens when you find community, inspiration, and your grateful happy place :-)

Have a great day, Rebecca!

Alison said...

Great quote...and good for you for realising there is more to being healthy than using up calories!
Alison xx

Darcie said...

What a gemmed filled post Rebekah! I am often so thankful for the depth of your post, and the depth of your walk...encourages us all...thank you!

Ethel said...

love that quote..recently heard it as well!!!! happy being happy...thanks for all your writings!!