Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April edition of 10 THINGS

Welcome April 10th!
This month's edition of 10 Things is a bit random as I venture back into blog-land and catch you up on some thoughts I've been wanting to share!  I also wanted to share with you an exciting event I saw on Shimelle's blog. I don't know if I'll be able to join or not, but it sounds very fun.
Shimelle.com Scrapbooking Weekend news.

Edited to add:  Also check out Melissa's fun post full of 10 links of freebie fun!
I mentioned two of them here so that was a fun coincidence.

1.  My DD1 and I had an awesome scrapbook day together.  In all, (that day and a few days at home working on some more pages), I got 10 pages done!!  I scrapbooked wedding photos.  

Here a few glimpses of them,

2.  I didn't do much with my OLW through the month of March, but it was working in the background and I realized that the things I took photos of in February were not necessarily the things I really wanted to focus my cultivating in and on.  I came to the realization that getting out and about and visiting our dear shut-in friends in a huge part of joy in my life.  I was doing very good with it this fall/early winter, but then sickness and the holidays arrived and you know how hard it is to reestablish good habits!  So the underlying thoughts of my mind have been to restore that joy.  I've also noticed through various social occasions this month, that I am a social butterfly. So we are going to get back into the habit of having more company.

3.  Spring has arrived.  Not so sure I'm ready for it, but by the sounds of what others have been saying, winter went by too fast for them also.  I finally made myself get out and document the arrival of spring through photography.  I've taken some bike rides and outdoor runs and while those feel fabulous to do again, I just haven't finished with winter yet!  I'm looking forward to the some cooler/rainy days this week to help me settle into finishing some winter projects.

First spring bouquet,

4.  I'm losing weight. March was all about maintaining due to two birthday celebrations and some company.  But I did manage to lose 1 lb, maybe a tad more, I forget exactly.  Now I need to get back on the bandwagon (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/).  The month of May will bring another birthday celebration in our house, but until then, I'm more than ready to reduce my sugar intake!

5.  Speaking of things that need to start up again, I've let go of my yoga routine the last month or too and I can really feel it.  I've started getting back into it and I can feel my body letting sighs of relief go!  Healthy bodies need a release from the tension of everyday life.  And speaking of letting go...I've got some other things I'm letting go of.  Yoga is a wonderful release for our bodies and I'm working on teaching my heart and mind to let go also.  It's so liberating with the few things I've been letting go of...

6.  Fresh goodness is back!  We spent all day Sunday with some wonderful friends.  She is in the process of becoming a certified organic gardener.  She shared a HUGE bag of spinach with us (along with many other goodies like certified organic seed potatoes and kale seeds...b/c kale is soooo good in smoothies that I'm also going to make more of) and some basil seedlings...think fresh pesto....!!  We ate so well while visiting them.  I always feel like we eat good, but whenever we visit these dear friends, I'm always freshly inspired in the veggie department.  I have a new recipe to try, Baba Ghanoush!  
Ooo baby that stuff is Good! (MJ, you know where we were now!!)  
And our own asparagus is in full production mode.  Love plates of goodness like this where there is hardly room for main dish.  Time to pull this fun cookbook off the shelf for fresh ideas for all the delicious produce coming now.

7.  Learning new things.  I have a few new things to be learning about this month.  I'm feeling overwhelmed, but I know with 15 min of focus with my timer, I can break down this learning process into something that is fun and enjoyable.  Brain freeze go away!

8.  My Mondays were insane and I was hating the thought of Monday rolling around.  Not a good way to start off the week.  So I've switched things around, and I'm so relieved.  You know I hate the word busy.  And like we heard Sunday, we often chose our busy.  I was not wanting to chose busy.  It's something I avoid at all costs.  A safe avoidance has happened!

9.  I'm really enjoying Ali Edward's weekly Creative Lifts newsletter.  They are so inspiring.
Here are the Archives if you are interested in reading them...and then signing up for them.
What have you been reading?  I love good read recommendations!

10.  Happy mail!  I got this beautiful card in the mail last week.  It was so bright and cheerful and also a new artsy idea that I had just heard about a few days before receiving it!  I was thrilled to be holding the very idea in my little hands.  Zentangle.

Thank you for stopping by!


Melissa said...

Hi Rebekah! I mentioned Shimelle's upcoming weekend today, too. LOL I'm hoping to jump in during the weekend here & there if I can.

I like that Scenes from the Day scrapbook page & how you were able to include so many photos.

Kirsteen said...

Love the scenes of the day LO too - a great way to include lots of photos. I am hoping to join in this weekend too :) xx

Anonymous said...

I too am a social butterfly. Part of my OLW was to do more socializing because we live in an area that's not much into socializing if you aren't related. Thanks for sharing your busy life!

Julie J said...

Ooo, eerrr you've given me a conundrum. I was going to say you've been busy but you don't like that word!!!!
Getting healthy is inspiring though.

JO SOWERBY said...

i am also doing OLW and abit behind as well. i took photos and like you have changed my mind now so glad i didnt print them up and go for it straight away,
jo xxx

Alison said...

Good luck with the chocolate avoidance! Am hoping to join in with Shimelle over the weekend too!
Alison xx

Tammy said...

Great random list! I hope to check in on Shimelle's weekend activities too! :)

Mj said...

ooooooo so happy for your organic influence going on..kale! i bought some organic baby kale for a salad the other day...and yes, i know where you were! pretty inspiring..wish i were there with all of you. would have been a true blast! thanks for posting my card..i actually feel honored that you did that! Thanks!

what else..i enjoy your list of 10..saw you were going to do it and had to stop by and see what they might be! would be fun to do it but the 10th is going by rapidly..maybe i'll do 12 on the 12th in the year 2012? i always have to buck the system!

glad you're letting go of whatever...makes us lighter and more flowing. I feel the need to let go of burdens and barriers as well...

Enjoy! Spring is blooming!

Connie Mercer said...

Great idea for 10 things~thanks for sharing your day!

Janeen said...

Rebekah, you HAVE been busy on your blog. Great work. You take such unique pictures seeing things from different angles. I'm going to have to take "blog" lessons from you. Loved all your openness on your posts. Enjoy the spring.

MonicaB said...

Wow great post....lots going on! I love the zentangle card and thanks for the link to the web-site.

jennifer said...

Ooh, lots going on! Well done for dieting, I'm supposed to be at the moment but I'm low on will power! X