Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MMEW February recap

Welcome MARCH!
And welcome to another Move More, Eat Well recap for you to join in with.
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Big Picture Classes

Just got back from an outdoor run..it's 64* right now!  Awesomeness, and I totally have been bitten by spring fever.  To be back out on the pavement.  Feeling the warmth (started to type heat, but we're not quite there yet!) of the sunshine.  Hearing the birds sing.  Feeling the wind on my face (that, BTW, I always used to hate and now don't mind at all).  I felt stronger and more fit on this first run of spring.  Thanks to my interval runs on the treadmill, and yes, thanks to Jillian too!  ;)

I'll soon be headed out to play ball with DD2, but I will try to get this post live today.

Moving more.  Interval treadmill workouts.  Something new I tried this winter.  It's awesome.  This is where I got the idea (thanks to a fellow exercise buddy).  I tailored it to meet the levels I can just barely die from instead of completely dying from.  After all I want to live a good, long healthy life!!  The other day I was almost done and I almost didn't want to stop...it felt that good.  My joints felt so warmed up and my body was just in pure motion and loving it.  I had time.  So I put the incline up and walked to "cool" down!  I was able to work off 500 calories.  Wow!  Then I headed outdoors to play kickball with my DD2.  Spring one day, winter the next around here lately.  Today is spring.

Eating well. Feels so good.  Like Cathy said in her video boost...it all takes TIME.  Even tearing off and opening the plastic produce bags...ever notice how long that can take?  (I refuse to lick my fingers in the store to make it easier....eeewwww)  From getting the bag open, to picking out the best produce, to bringing it home and cleaning it, cutting it all up so it's ready to eat.  Takes TIME.  But it's all been SO worth it.  I'm eating way more fruit and veggies now.  Thanks to my cousin's idea that I mentioned in January's post, the veggie container in the fridge full of pepper and cucumber slices and carrot sticks is working out very well.  It makes snacks healthier and salad making easier.  I make a weekly stop at our natural foods store for fresh, organic greens and now, even some fresh, local spinach.  YUM.  The last week, we've been enjoying fresh (nothing in comparison to garden fresh which we'll have to wait another couple of months for....)strawberries and pineapple.  With a little marshmallow cream dip occasionally too.  So, so good.  I'm still using MyFitnessPal to record what I eat and the calories burned through exercise.  I take the weekends off now though.  And I don't stress if a day is too busy to allow me to get on.  I've got a pretty good idea about my calorie intake on normal, every day kinds of days.  But March is birthday month here, so my goals for this month only include losing 1 lb and maintaining the previous loss of 7.8 lbs.

I've really enjoyed the study of time since Cathy's video boost.  Losing weight takes times.  Changing old habits to healthier new ones takes time.  I've noted some of my time stealers this month.  The computer.  But I'm working on using it more wisely.  I spend a lot of useful time on here.  And with my desire to not spend so much money, I'm not just surfing for the sake of filling up a cart and spending money anymore.  Procrastination is a time stealer.  Putting something off.  It wears on your energy level, at least mine.  I'm trying to adapt more of the "Just Do It" attitude.  I have lots of natural energy, thankfully.  I'm generally happy and outgoing.  Which leads me to my next time stealer.  A bad attitude.  It can completely rob me of the joy and energy I have to do and be.  It's there.  I know it is.  I feel it on most days.  But when I become overcome by negative feelings and ungratefulness, I slow right down to a snail's pace and nothing much gets done.   Like Cathy says, "So that happened."  Yea.  Big whup!  I'm still trying hard to keep my earlier bedtime routine.  And I can certainly tell when I don't.  Time.  Knowing when to use it and go with it.  And knowing when to wind down and rest.

Fruit Dip
1 13 oz jar marshmallow creme
1 8 oz pgk low fat cream cheese
1 Tbsp lemon juice
Blend first 2 ingredients.  Add lemon juice and whip until blended to desired consistency.  
Serve with a variety of fresh fruits.

Without further ado, my February MMEW class materials:

Some inspiration I found for the month,

(I can't find the original link...I just kept going to everyone's Pinterest boards that had PIN'd it!)

(LOVE this, has been super inspiring to me b/c I know all too well about stopping & starting again!)

OK, I really must go.  I hope all this makes sense.  But my daughters are home now and after school snacks must happen so we can get on with the afternoon!

Now come along and link up, I'd love to read about your MMEW journey.  My link party is open as of right now and will run until April 2nd.  Spread the word!


Alison said...

Great post Rebekah...I too have learned that eating properly takes a bit longer but is so worth it.
Alison xx

Melissa said...

Love your thoughts on this! I'm learning to love healthy habits and I'm finding that when I love them, it's that much easier to DO them. It's a slow process, but I'm getting there... :)

Melissa said...

Great post Rebekah! Congrats on the 7.8 pound loss!! Sounds like you are making some very healthy changes. That is one of my favorite fruit dips & I am now going to be using that new definition for calorie! LOL

Mj said...

CONGRATS!! that's almost 10 pounds..nothing to sneeze at and the best thing is how awesome you feel!