Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines, Pinterest Inspired

Loving the inspiration from my Pintrest "Stamping Inspiration" boards!
All of these cards were Pinterest inspired.
And all of them were made from things in my stash...and I still have quite a stash left for next year!

Scrabble LOVE card,

So glad we're friends,

Warmth of true friendship,

Happy Valentine's Day,

Envelope heart explosion,

Source...ha, this is my very own creation YEA!

Sorry those last two cards look like card fronts...took the photo at the wrong angle!  But they are already in the mail, so no fixing that glitch!!

My Stamping Pinterest boards:
xoxoxox's (Valentine card and ideas)
Stamping Inspiration


I received this beautiful box of chocolates yesterday from a friend,

 They are almost too beautiful to eat!


Melissa said...

LOVE all your Valentines! Gotta love Pinterest!!! :) Perhaps that's the key to not eating some that are simply too pretty to eat! LOL!

Melissa said...

Those are some nice cards - I still haven't ventured onto Pinterest too much, afraid I'll lose all my time. LOL I made four Valentine's Day cards this year & will most likely do a post tomorrow.

505whimsygirl said...

Oh, your cards are great!! I bought a Scrabble game at a yard sale just for the letters! haaa

Those chocolates do look too pretty to eat - but that's why took the photo -- dig in! ;-)


Bethaney said...

Love all those valentines! Was admiring Connie's when we visited the other day!

~Michelle~ said...

you've been busy! :) I forgot it was valentines TOMORROW already...we were whipping up some class valentines tonight! I didn't even have time to look on Pinterest for inspiration! ;)
I made HIM help...but he didn't mind...he got to use my Vagabond and did all the stamping!