Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CC363 SCS Color Challenge, Sweet little birthday greetings

You didn't really think I'd stay wordless too long did you?
Well, maybe, as I don't post too regularly, but here I am again!

I LOVE grey lately, especially with yellow.  But this was pretty too with the pink.
When we redo our main bathroom, I'm looking forward to lots of white, 
with touches of yellow and grey.

This card gives a head start on some March birthdays.  I already have three anniversary cards done.  Did I post those?  Better check into that!

March is a super fun-filled month for us and it always starts the beginning of a new season, spring. My days immediately start filling with a whole different kind of fulfillment.  There are a few birthdays to celebrate.  We usually get a little bit more company coming and going, more outdoor play with DD2 as the days get nicer.  Etc.

My card was inspired by this beautiful card by Peggy over at Artfull Journey.


Melissa said...

Grey is definitely on my creative brain these days too! Loving it!!! Love what you did with it on this card! That little bird is so fun too! Awesome scalloped border and gemstones too! :)

Alison said...

Love this card ...and I'm looking forward to the book arriving-thank you!

Mj said...

i love grey. my mom turned me onto it many years ago..i still remember the grey skirt she bought for me and had me wear yellow with it. loved it and i still wear alot of grey...i need to catch up with your blog sometime...i enjoy your postings on the exercise one, too!!