Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diary of 5

This idea just in from my friend MJ's blog and originally found here
I'm waiting for a bunch of photos to upload 
(working on 2011 Year in Review Shutterfly books for my kids...since it doesn't ask below what I'm working on...)
so while I wait I will amuse you with a few random things.  Join us!  I've always wanted to do this.  
I have seen several Simple Woman posts and love them, and have always wanted to join in, thanks for the gentle nudge MJ!

I am seeing.......a very wintery scene outside my dining room window.
I am hearing.......the humidifier humming and the chimes ringing in the winter wind.
I am smelling......nada.  Need to get some tart warmers turned on I guess!
I tasted.....a chicken fajita, cottage cheese and cheetos.
I am feeling.....cozy and content.

And don't forget my Pass the Book post below for a chance to read a great book about friendships.\


Melissa said...

What a fun post - I saw sunshine out my window today, but felt a chilly wind when I ventured outside.

I received a HUGE box from Shutterfly today - 400+ photos - YIPPEE! I have a friend coming over to scrap tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get a few layouts done & the rest of the photos into a storage binder.

Sian said...

I've stopped and thought about joining with this one too a few times - the results would make a great starting point for a layout.

MonicaB said...

I like this take on the original list over at Simple Women's Diary. I also said I would do this some day, but the five questions make it doable.