Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take Twelve, January: Numbers around the house

It felt good to sit down and work on my Take Twelve photos from January 12.  This is a new yearly project I've taken on through Ella Publishing.  I'm looking forward to a deeper view into our lives than I've done with Project Life.  This month I focused on numbers around the house.

  1. DD2 has been doing much better in math now that they've moved on from subtraction to multiplication.  They have learned little rhymes to make the learning experience fun.
  2. The end of the week calendar view.
  3. I'm keeping a spending journal this year.  For a more up-to-date look at my current balance and to journal a little about why I bought what I did, or maybe even some journaling about what I didn't buy...we can hope!
  4. DD2's tooth fairy money.
  5. Authors card game with the kids.
  6. 53* one day.
  7. Winter weather advisory of 4-6" of snow coming the next day.  Whoot!
  8. 15*  Ol' man winter has arrived!
  9. Early release on Thursday was cause for a hot cocoa celebration, complete with whipped cream.
  10. Off to school.
  11. Our bible study this week.
  12. Loving the accountability of
And that's that.  My main laptop is out for repair, so I made do with out Photoshop by using Picnik's collage.  As soon as I get my laptop back, I plan on using one of the fun digital templates that Ella Publishing put together.

If you are doing Take Twelve, leave me a comment so I can see or watch for your Take Twelve blog post.  I'd love to see what you documented this month and follow along on your journey this year.

Second post of the day coming soon...a book to pass along to one lucky reader through Melissa's Pass the Book:  Year Two blog fun.


Melissa said...

What a great idea to focus on one theme (numbers) for the month. I posted my 12 photos based on prompts in the Twelve workshop earlier this week.

Janeen said...

i like this idea rebekah, where do i find out more about take twelve?

Aliza said...

Numbers--what a cool focus. I love it.

Rebekah said...

Janeen, the link is in my can also click right on the Take Twelve blog button in my post. My links are right in the words themselves and those words are a different color than the rest of the post.

Bethaney said...

Very cool! Fun way to remember things!