Sunday, January 1, 2012

OLW January Blog Hop, Mindfulness

I'm so sorry this didn't post at the right time....

Welcome!  If you have arrived here from Kara's blog, you are in the right place.  If you would like to start at the beginning please visit Margie's blog.  If you get lost along the way, there is a complete blog hop listing at the bottom of my post.

Can you believe we've been working on our last month of OLW 2011??  Wow!  It was an amazing journey for me.  As I state in the feelings section of this month's worksheet, I've never done a project like this, recording thoughts and feelings.  It was very emotional for me to read back over the letter I wrote to myself back in May.  I was so excited when I remembered I could read it now!

So nothing fancy this month as I close out my 2011 album.  I've been busy getting my album all caught up from some of the summer months that I missed, but I'm happy to report it's all complete!

And....introducing my 2012 OLW!


I've realized in this last year's experiences that I have many passions in life!  There is no way I would be able to only focus on one.  And I love all the varied projects and classes I've taken that have helped shaped these passions.  I just want to be careful that these areas of my life don't take over.  And so I've chosen the word "cultivate" to help me work in each of these areas in a more balanced manner.  My project list is full.  One of my goals is to not take anymore on until a good portion of this list is taken care of.  There are a few classes I would LOVE to take, but I'm learning it's not so much inspiration that I need, but TIME.  And there are no classes offering the promise of more time.  My husband's famous (to me anyway!!) question is "If I take this or that on, what am I NOT going to do?"  I love it and it helps me keep things in check when I start getting impulsive.  Life is good right now, I've got lots of fun things to work on.  But I hate the guilt and other junk that comes from taking on too much.  Even if I didn't have any hobbies, there are many different areas of my life that need working on.  Just when you think you've got one area of your life under control, another gremlin rears it's ugly head and you realized there is no rest for the weary!!  But alas, I'm seeking rest and joy.  I have it, but I want a deeper measure of it, both naturally and spiritually.  I can't ever afford to just sit back and cruise.  And I (and my family) can't afford to have me just give myself wholly to my creative side.  So I will be learning this year how to manage time better so that I can truly enjoy cultivating each passion I **currently** enjoy.

I love this quote and will be doing something with it for one of my
OLW projects to help keep my word alive in life and home!


I've seen this word here and here often also.  Coupled with my experiences in 2011, the word CULTIVATE just seemed to be jumping out at me.  Becky Higgins often tweets about "cultivating the good life" in our daily life with a little something.  I want to start collecting her quotes because each of them has rung so true for me so far.

Thank you for stopping by!  I wish you luck as you journey with your new OLW for 2012.  I'm so thankful for our monthly blog hop and Ali's monthly prompts that really help us think about our word, keeping it alive in our minds and hearts.

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Kara Monroe said...

So glad to be blog hopping with you. I'm also in Move More, Eat Well - hopefully we'll get to know each other.

Abbey said...

Excellent word and a great plan!

jillconyers said...

Mindful ending and great new beginning! I'm looking forward to seeing where cultivate takes you in the new year.

Sharyn said...

What a great word. I really like what is behind your choice of my Move. It is about not sitting still and waiting but bringing things into being. Cool!

Cheri said...

Cultivate is a great word and I love how you have defined it for yourself. I hope it brings you wonderful things in 2012!

ScrappnBee said...

I love your 2012 word! It is probably one I would have never considered as I have the world's largest black thumb! ...but how you describe it makes sense. I think that your DH and mine are kindered spirits! LOL! I look forward to see where your word takes you! Thanks for hopping! -Amanda

Melissa said...

Love your new OLW! :) Can't wait to get started with my own! What a great quote too!!!

nicky said...

Wow - what a fantastic post! I can totally relate to having too many passions it is fun but also exhausting at times, right? My word for 2012 is refine - it kind of reminds me of your word. I love that quote - I am totally finding a place for that in my album. I am so looking forward to following your word in 2012. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic word and a great mission for 2012. So happy to have you hopping along with us again.

Mj said...

i'm so glad you're blogging! love it! thanks for your comments at my place too's nice to have feedback even tho' i know it takes time and effort!! thanks for your time and efforts over the years to be friendly to me!! and that quote about art? Couldn't agree with it more!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm in CZ's class as well and am excited for both that and 2012's OLW. Love your word cultivate and your reflections here. Happy new Year.

Melissa said...

Congratulations on completing your 2011 OLW album/pages!

What a great word and I love your reasons for choosing it. I'm doing something similiar this month, evaulating the things I truly want to cultivate in my life (borrowing your word!). I'm currently in three year-long classes and that's all I'm planning for some time. This week I hope to do a post about my 2012 plans & a few goals I've set for myself.

We've been home from our cruise for 8 days, and I'm slowly looking at all I want to do this year while also taking care of the everyday & fun stuff, so I'm off to have lunch with Robbie today and then meet a new friend tomorrow at the scrapbook store.

Happy New Year Rebekah!