Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10

Welcome!  I couldn't let the 10th pass without joining in on Shimelle's 10 Things blop hop.  Join in and share 10 things.  Anything.  Random or not!

I'm going to reflect on 5 New Year's goals and how they are settling into my life so far 
and then I'm going to go random with 5 things!

1.  Eat healthier.  Isn't that about everyone's New Year's resolution?  So original I know!  I'm working at eating 1 serving of fruit a day and 2 servings of vegetables.  I haven't been eating them a lot and so I thought this was a good start.  I've got the fruit covered, but getting 2 servings of vegetables, or even 1 for that matter has been a challenge.  And here I thought we were healthy eaters.  We are in the fact that I don't buy a lot of processed or boxed foods.  Our food is for the most part made from scratch.  Last week, I had a Mediterranean breakfast sandwich at Panera.  Wow.  YUM!  I was able to recreate it at home for my husband and I for this morning's breakfast.  It was delicious.  You need Ciabatta bread (which I found at our Walmart bakery...a take and bake type and it was very good), pesto, fresh tomato slice, fresh spinach leaves, grated sharp white cheddar and a fried egg (Panera only uses the egg white, but I like my whole egg).  It was very easy to make.  I also had a 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.  I'm working on eating more healthy protein to help keep me satisfied.

Panera at home,

2.  Move More.  Back at it again.  Another unoriginal resolution!  I'm taking Cathy's Move More Eat Well class over at Big Picture Classes.  I'm getting back at my running.  I had slacked off since Thanksgiving.  Lost my mojo.  But it's back and tied into my next resolution....

3. Bedtime routine.  Call me Grandma, but I start my bedtime routine at 8:15.  I did this last fall, and it made a HUGE difference in how I felt and acted.  It took away the negativity.  I had fresh inspiration every morning.  Ready for each new day and what I could accomplish.  Happy.  Thankful.  My routines starts with some journal writing about my day.  A final email check.  Then some scripture reading and meditation.  I'm in bed by 9:30 usually.  Completely unwound and relaxed.  Ending my day happy and thankful.  Waking up from dreamland happy and thankful.  But I it's HARD.  I'm a night owl and get my second wind after supper.  And yet with this routine and forcing myself to stop and allow the unwind, I'm loving when 5:30 a.m rolls around now.

4. Sing everyday.  This one isn't working out so well.  The first week I was still getting over a cold.  This week, I did do it yesterday, but it's not as fun to sing by yourself as it is to sing with others.  I don't think this goal is going to stick.  I love to sing.  I want to strengthen my voice.  But I don't know about spending money on voice lessons.

5.  Flylady Missions  This isn't happening much either.  I was going to get back on track doing the mission every day.  But I'm bored with Flylady I think.  Need to think on this a bit more.  I know it does keep things in order, which I DO like, but I don't like how doing Flylady regularly makes the perfectionism in me come out.  Trying to let that go a bit.

And onto some random things....

6.  Time vs. inspiration.  Less.  Cultivate.  My OLW is already taking me on quite a little journey.  I'm finding I have too many passions in life.  And I keep cultivating them shallowly and it's not working.  Last year I signed up for lots of classes.  Thinking I needed inspiration.  Finally in the last month, it hit me....I do not need more INSPIRATION.  I need more TIME.  You can't buy time.  And so I'm being very judicious about what I take on and sign up for.  I was getting tired of being told what to scrap and how to do it.  I know what I want to scrap.  I have tons of ideas floating around in my head.  And I don't want to spend weeks getting "set up".  I want to dive in.  And I will.  I need to develop the photos I need and get to work.  Last weekend I had about 6 UFPs (unfinished projects) on my craft table.  I finally sat down and started in on them.  It took me LESS than an HOUR to get them ALL done.  Goodbye procrastination.  Sheesh.

7.  Take Twelve w/Ella Publishing.  That said, I did sign up for this fun challenge.  In making a very judicious decision in signing up for this class, I noticed with last year's PL project, that I didn't get all the fun photos of collections or what I'm eating right now or what I'm doing right now etc.  I just always had a people shot or action to capture.  Thankful for that, but I'm looking forward to getting a deeper look into our lives! But with a very simple approach.  
Twelve photos.  On the 12th.  Every month.  
There are several giveaways for this project.  
Here and here that I've seen so far.  And one more here!  And here.
I'm finding them as I catch up on the OLW blog hop!

8.  New glasses.  Two choices.  One nice and sophisticated.  One fun and sophisticated.  
Guess which one I'm going to chose?  :)



9.  Pass the book.  I get to participate in Melissa's Pass the Book blog fun.  
I won the chance to read The Girls From Ames
It's all read and ready to pass on.  
Look for that post coming soon.

10.  Art Journal Journey.  Looking forward to participating in this.  My judicious decision making thought...it's free.  I want to play in my art journal more.  
And I love a sense of community with these types of projects.

And that's all.
Thanks for stopping by for a sense of order and randomness all in one.
The spice of life!


Darcie said...

LOVIN' the fun glasses, and lovin' the list of all that you are pondering in this new year. Much to consider....what to take on...what to let go. Look forward to following you on your journey this next year. :-)

beccaf1970 said...

Great goals! Good luck with them! I'm taking Cathy's class too, so I will be trying to move more & eat well also!

Melissa said...

Love your list! :) Both pairs of glasses look nice!! I always dread picking out glasses...
Can't wait to see the Take Twelve ideas! I'm hoping to combine that with Project Life! My perfectionism definitely shows its face with Flylady. I like how everything is scheduled, but then find myself feeling guilty if I miss a beat! :)-

Sharyn said...

Hope you got the fun glasses! Your breakfast made me drool. I am in MMEW too. Lots of your list is what I am working on as well. Enjoying the journey. What will you do if you don't do flylady?

Rebekah said...

@Sharyn, I don't know! I've done Flylady for long enough, that I have set up my own sheets for daily tasks, etc. I think I may just go with that and do the weekly zone work.

Pam said...

That's a great list -good luck!!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Agree with you about the bedtime routine-- both about how vital it is, and how HARD it is to go to sleep when there's so much to do after the kids are in bed!

Also, I like many of Flylady's principles-- Do it Now!, 15 minute stretches with the timer, etc. but I've never bothered with the zone cleanings as much. I just try to clean a little whenever I need to or notice something being dirty. I keep my standards fairly low, considering there are four little monkeys running around dirtying things up!

Enjoy this new year, look forward to reading about it on here!

Photographing Mom aka tammyshere said...

Super list. Love the fun glasses!

Anonymous said...

Love your list - I so agree with #6 - just need to DO it! I'm looking forward to starting Take 12 as well.

Melissa said...

Sounds like you've got some great plans for the year. I'm not planning to sign up for any more classes other than photography (in a few months) since I'm taking three year-long classes. I want to use my Time to be creative and get some of my ideas turned into layouts.

MonicaB said...

Great list. I use to to flylady too but felt the same way about it bring out the perfectionist in me. I agree with #6. I've noticed that I'm trying to do everything and I'm getting nothing done. I've signed up for a few classes this year, but plan on not doing any more and just going back and redoing or doing ones I already have done. Good Luck with your list!

~Michelle~ said...

way to go on #3! I should give that a shot! Not sure ANYTHING can make me like mornings though!!

#4...part of our school send-off routine...one can sing along and the other will as soon as she can read. It has become a favorite time of day! Maybe when they are older we can sing parts?!

mollymoo951 said...

Enjoyed reading about all your plans!

Kirsteen said...

Great goals! Good luck with them! I am also trying to eat better too xx