Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter snowball fight layout

I made this for a Hambo Hoedown challenge and then realized it didn't meet all the challenge requirements!  But I got a layout done!  That's NEWS!!

This Hambo image inspired me to get this photo scrapbooked.  They girls had so much fun. Then on another day, they had another snowball fight and I have a video clip of that.  It's hilarious.  They actually got into a real fight and I captured DD2 running over to DD1 and tackling her!  Something was obviously unfair to her!!

This weekend, I made these fabulous cookies (I also got a TON of stamping done, but that's tomorrow post!)  from Becky Higgins.  You can watch her special Christmas video here.  They are delicious.  And I did wrap up several plates to give to some our friends in our church meetings. All this baking, and goodies must be shared!

One parting thought,
I'm so depressed.  
We. have. no. snow.  
And it's the middle of December.
All we have is grey. rain. ick.
 And so...


~Michelle~ said...

oooh those cookies look yummy! I have that same plate I think! It's a good cookie plate!! :)

I like looking at long as I don't have to drive in it! Blech!

mollymoo951 said...

Nice page!

Bethaney said...

I want some of those cookies! And cute page! I wish I had half your enthusiasm for scrapping! It looks like so much fun!