Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sewing project, skirts

 (Sorry, it's just me, no drop-dead gorgeous model to show it on!!)

My SIL told me about this super easy pattern (Butterick 3460) for a simple skirt.  I went right out and bought it and also found this delightful snowflake corduroy material at Joann's.  I started sewing classes again (took a few two winter's ago and made a tote and an apron) last evening.  It's one-on-one, unless someone else signs up for the project you are wanting to make with her.  She is wonderful.  Reminds me so much of my talented MIL who lives too far away to teach me to sew!  This lady is always smiling and is oh so patient.  Just like my MIL.  I couldn't believe I was able to finish the whole skirt last evening in about 3.5 hours.  I wanted to make another one on my own before I forgot what I learned last evening, and since today was a quiet day at home, I dug right in.  I did goof and cut the front panel of the skirt with my fabric wrong sides together.  Duh, I know that most basic sewing rule.  Thankfully I noticed it before I cut the rest.  And thankfully I always buy plenty of fabric, because I know myself all too well.  Once I got past that mistake, I did OK...I think.  I'll bring it in to show her next week.  All I have left to do is the hem, and I'll have her help me with that.  She has a dressing room with a little stage in it.  You stand up on the stage and she is down below setting your hem!  Easy peasy.  This second skirt is made from denim.  I was wanting another shorter denim skirt to wear with my leggings and boots.  The one I have now is so worn out looking.  Fine for around the house, but I like to dress up a bit when I go to town.  Just something about getting out and about.  Always have been like that!

One thing I learned is that my machine will do a stitch similar to a Serger, 
enabling me to finish off my edges!  I feel so professional!  ;)

And yes, the skirt has pockets. I mastered the pockets today just fine!  Didn't stitch them closed!!

And just like chocolate nd stamping/scrapping go hand-in-hand, so does sewing w/chocolate.  I remembered that from the last session of classes with her!  She brought out chocolates mid-way through the class.  I stopped and bought some of these.  DH and DD2 had gotten me some this past weekend, knowing my extreme weakness for them at Easter.  I am eating healthier as a whole though, so don't worry!


Melissa said...

Look at you! :) What a FUN fabric for a winter skirt!! You're brave taking a sewing class...I could use one, but I don't know if there are any classes basic enough for this clueless soul! Although, with a little chocolate, ANYTHING is possible, right?! :)

Darcie said...

ADORABLE skirt!!! What a perfect material and design for this time of year! As for the chocolates...YUM!!!!

Bethaney said...

Awesome skirt! And despite several years of fitful sewing, I have never done pockets. So go you!

Cecil and Amy said...

Your ol' SIL is totally impressed! I ignored the pockets on my pattern, just like Bet.

Melissa said...

What a great skirt - I like that material you chose & it looks great with your boots! Can't wait to see the denum one!