Thursday, December 22, 2011

Resolutions and brain-storming

A new year is upon us and with that comes the hope for many new beginnings for me...I hope.  
Here are a few of my resolutions.

1.  Practice singing, 10-15 min a day
2.  3x weekly yoga, plus nightly yoga unwind routine
3.  Quiet evening/bedtime routine re-established
4.  Stash Diva challenge
5.  3x strength training (7 min program?)
6.  Time management/awareness
7.  Learn how to cultivate the many passions/hobbies I have

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Regarding #4.  I really, really, really want to use my crafty stash items more.  I've just got to reign in my hobby spending.  Anyone want to join me in this?  
Here are some of my thoughts on starting the challenge:

I want it to be open to all hobbies.

I'd call it The Stash Chic Corner, or The Stash Divas or something catchy.  Ideas??

I'm thinking I don't want any specific challenge or deadlines, just use our stash to make something and link up.  Or should it have more structure?  See, I get frustrated with challenges b/c I see a great challenge and want to do it, but run out of time and then after the challenge has gone by, I lose the inspiration.  I want us to be able to keep the inspiration working in us until we find the time to do it (and, ahem, USE IT)!!  So then maybe we need some inspiration for each challenge?  What ideas do you have?  Maybe have someone submit their idea on a given week!  I know we all have great ideas.

Random or monthly giveaways for everyone who links up.  It will be something simple, but none the less, a little reward.  Any ideas on rewards?

And bottom line, it's gotta' be simple.   I don't want anything complex that I feel like I have to do every week, and yet it's got to be something inspiring to keep us all motivated.

What do you think?  Leave a comment and brainstorm with me. there already a challenge out there like this?   
That would, by far, be the easiest LOL!

And speaking of comments, I'd like to socialize more with you on here.  I wish blogger had a nicer way to reply to comments.  I love how Margie communicates using her comment section.   
Here I would just leave an @soandso, but would you come back and see it?

OK, enough picking your brains!
I just had to unload a few bloggy things that I've been thinking about.


Melissa said...

Looks like you have some great resolutions - I'm with you on the regular exercise for sure. I'm in the BPC Reclaiming Your Time workshop right now and will be blogging about my goals for 2012 mid-January. We're looking at how we currently use our time and how we WANT to use our time in 2012.

I really like the idea of using our stash. I've been scrapping all week and realize I have such great supplies, I really want to use those in 2012 and not buy so much extra just to add to it! There are a ton of challenge sites out there, so I think you just have to decide if you want to host something yourself each week/month or follow along somewhere else. Let me know and I'll play along for sure . . . because I have lots of stash! :>)

Regarding replying to comments on your blog, I know there are a few bloggers who do that. However, I never go back to check, so I don't know if they ever leave a reply to my comment. When I reply to a comment on my blog, I email the person directly (if I have their email address). If there's a question that several people have, I'll answer it in a blog post.

Rebekah said...

@Melissa, that's exactly what I've been thinking about the last while on my own...just how do I really want to use my time. I've been thankful for fresh motivation and inspiration of late that has helped me my day going and keep busy!! So many fun things to do, so little time. But to manage the time we do have is key. And the ? my DH always asks, "What aren't you going to do?" In response to some new thing I want to do!! That has been very helpful in limiting what new things I take on.

Angie said...

Thought on the challenge. Maybe it could be a biweekly or even monthly give everyone plenty of time to think????

I don't do New Years resolutions most of the time. I usually do AUGUST resolutions because I always think of the school year as my NEW year. BUT!!! This year I really am starting NEW!!! My DH is going on fist shift for the first time in 21 years. That is our entire marriage except for the first 9 months!!! I am making New Years plans...and I think some of the changes my children aren't going to be very happy about but ARE going to be great for the family. I am REALLY excited about the new life we are about to embark upon!