Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Life update

I'm getting so excited for Project Life 2012!  It has been a wonderful journey this year, my first year doing PL.  I can't put it into words (I know, that sounds totally sappy...but to have a year's worth of photos and etc documented????  HUGE!) how much it means to have been introduced to this product.  I've kept it simple, but have added in paraphanalia (trip brochures, tickets, etc) as I went along.  I've also included recipes, and I have gone back to them more than once.  My recipe collection is not this organized, LOL, so a few times I've found myself going back in my PL album to find the recipe I remembered making.

So without further ado, some photos to share with you,

Here's an example of the extra stuff I include.  On this weekend, we had a wedding to attend and the kids went to a school musical.   The wedding announcement and musical booklet have been included amid the photos of those events.  I use these page protectors a lot.

Another day, we received our LittleMissMatched socks order.  I couldn't resist putting the catalog in.  Someday this will be so fun to look back on.  See....having this album provides a home for all these things that I would have loved to have kept in the past and just didn't b/c it was like clutter to me.  Now it has a safe home!  I also use these page protectors a lot.

Here's a recipe and the templates we used for carving our jack o' lanterns. Should we look back on those photos and wonder how we were so creative, we'll remember and possibly even be able to use them again!  And these page protectors get a lot of use!

My Thanksgiving lists and notes.  And on the back of the main list (which shows on the other side) are little "notes" that DD1 and her little cousin "wrote"!  I was almost going to put something on that other side until I turned my list over and saw those precious scribbles!

And music that DD1 played at her Honors Band concert.  That may be moved my school scrapbook for her, or maybe just copied so it's in both places.

And since I mentioned all the page protectors I use, here's their home, a fun polka-dot bin from Target.

I'm anxiously awaiting the release of the Cobalt Project Life Core Kit.  Should be any day now.  I did go ahead and purchase the Cobalt digital journal cards and Extra Elements.  Since I caught up on my summer photos, I've been copy/pasting my journal entries from my private PL blog and printing/cutting them out for my album.  I really struggle with liking my hand-writing, plus it's just faster and more stream-lined for me.  But I will still purchase the Core Kit so I don't have to print out the colorful weekly cards, etc.

For my 2012 albums, I'm using these.  I got them on sale a month or so ago.  And I've already received my order of page protectors and other PL goodies from Becky Higgins via Amazon.
Fun, fun, fun!!  :)

Oh, and my private PL blog....a HUGE lifesaver.  If and when I do fall behind IRL with my album, all the journaling and photos can easily be put in the right order and placed in my album.

I think I've mentioned this before, but one more wonderful thing PL has done for me...helped me start a diary of my days, recorded nightly.  I also write at the top Pic: (insert, what the general theme of my photo of the day was).  I record if I did yoga or ran.  And any other highlights of the day.  I've done this using Log Your Memory.  I'm doing that again this year too!  Stay tuned for a homemade cover for my new book.  It's all in one now, instead of two separate smaller journals like last year, so my cover from last year doesn't work anymore.  But I've got grand ideas using wool felt and cardboard to reinforce the book cover and backing.  Whoot!

And now it's on to the next catch-up project, OLW.
Have you signed up for OLW 2012?  I'm totally IN.  That also has been a very rewarding journey.
I  have had quite a year to say the least!  A good one that is.  :)

And then I have socks to darn.  Yes, so old-fashioned.  But I have these awesome SmartWool socks and every (3 pairs) pair has worn out in my heel.  I watch this YouTube video and was inspired to get out my mom's darning egg and fix these.  It looks like a cozy, relaxing, by the fire task.
And my art journal is begging for some attention.  I saved something that would have been thrown out and want to use it for a fun background on my page.

And stamping and scrapping need to take place!
Whew, so much fun to be had, so little time.
What are some of your winter projects?


Theresa said...

All of it is so fun! I love that you have a bin for Ll of your protectors, I'll have to do that when my collection gets too big for just storing in the back of my album. (which is inevitable)

Thanks for sharing log your memory, I never heard of it and I need to check it out further.right now I'm just using a page template printable I made and email journaling. Thanks! Keep the updates coming...I'm so excited for a full album in 2012!

P.s. found your blog from twitter #projectlife

Rebekah said...

Welcome Theresa! Thanks for stopping by! I'm slowly learning how to post/navigate over on Twitter.

Melissa said...

Your project life looks great - I really like the idea of having a place for all those extra bits & pieces along with your journaling & photos.

I've signed up for Stacy's Twelve & Cathy Z's Move More, Eat Well, but I'm not doing OLW for 2012.

Melissa said...

You are so creative with all the journal/scrapbook projects! I have a lot to learn yet and I love coming over here and seeing all your awesome ideas!!! Thanks for sharing! Keep 'em coming! :)