Friday, December 23, 2011

Log Your Memory journal cover

One last project to get done before the new year rolls around.  I've been busy lately getting ready to close this year out and be ready for 2012 to start!  

One such project was making a cover for my 2012 Log Your Memory journal.  I'm not too happy with the changes they made to it this year. I was VERY happy with last year's book.  But this year they made it into one book, making it very large.  The covers are simply cardstock weight and need some reinforcing for a whole year's worth of use.  Being so big, the whole book just seems rather unstable. Also the monthly tabs that are new to this year's book are not laminated or reinforced and they are already getting a little "used" looking. 
And one last thing I miss from last year's book is the lines to write on for each day.  
Just a total different style this year.

So, anyway, I bought some heavy wool felt to make a cover to help protect it.
I glued on a layer of heavy cardboard to the front and back covers 
and taped along the coil spine with some packing tape.

I sewed the top and bottom edges over to make a perfect fit for my book.

Then I used the blanket stitch all along those top and bottom edges to give a finished look 
and sew the two layers together that wrap around the book covers.

I had some other coordinating felt and made some cute flowers to decorate the front.
I dug through my mom's old sewing machine drawer for a nice vintage button.  I sewed the button on the flower and then used hot glue to attach the whole thing to my journal cover.  I used SU Fun Flowers die cut.

And off we go.  Ready to journal my way through 2012.  
I'm very worried about how this journal is going to hold up.

The first five photos courtesy of my youngest daughter.
She needed something fun to do, so I said "why not??" 
She captured the step-by-step that I never would have taken the time to do.
But I did continue her process of more step-by-step, at least for this post.
And just for kicks, can you guess what yummy goodies these ingredients make??
Love it when a product has just the simplest of ingredients.

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Melissa said...

Great idea to cover your book for reinforcement! It looks so nice - I really like the flower & button for a finishing touch.

Hmm....wheat flour, butter, sugar, salt . . . could be some great bread or maybe a cookie.