Friday, December 16, 2011

December Meal Planning...a little late

Just found this in my draft file.  Ooops.

A few new recipes I found to try in December.  I'm loving Pinterest as a new way to search for recipes!  I still blog hop some, but Pinterest seems more stream-lined!

(I have tons of homemade meatballs in my freezer!!)


~Michelle~ said...

you are way to organized! I think I'm doing well if I have something in mind a day or two out! ;) Sounds like some good eats though!

Melissa said...

Mmmmmmm! These all sound good (well, minus the steak...LOL! You know me and thicker red meats!) I'm finding myself going back to Pinterest more and more too these days! It is just FULL of ideas & inspiration!!

Sian said...

A lucky find in that draft file!