Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Queen of the Hambo Hoedown!

What a fun honor!  Queen of the Hambo Hoedown this week!! :)  What a perfect week to win...I was so thankful for their challenge that helped me recollect memories of my Grandpa and walk down memory lane.  Now I have even further motivation to get my scrapbook pages done!  THANK YOU Hambo!  :)
Here's the tag I made.  And this week their theme is tags, so I'll get to make another tag. Fun!

Other fun,
Last evening I made sponge candy following this recipe.  My husband was doubtful that the goodness of sponge candy could be replicated at home...and I was too, truth be told.  But after reading the recipe and blog post about her experiences, I felt I had found a winner!  And winner it was.  Move over Farm & Fleet (that's where I have to buy it locally, but it's fake chocolate coated...ick!)., I wouldn't go as far as to tell my family's candy shop to move over.  Nope...their's is still top-shelf (go, order if you want to see for yourself!!), but it was fun and rewarding to try at home.

I used 2 bags of Ghirardelli milk chocolate baking chips, melted, to coat my sponge pieces.

All boxed up!  (ahem, just for ME...makes em' taste even better having such cute packaging)
I found these pretty wintery candy boxes in my stash of containers.

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Anonymous said...

You made me smile...good to see you are taking care of yourself in little areas of life...sometimes those little areas make a large difference in daily living! Thanks for letting me be part of your fun.