Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rainy day series, Me sew???????

Started out just fine...like it always does.
I was following the instructions on this blog about how to make do-it-yourself bar stool covers. 
(I love her idea and I'm not knocking her post in anyway...this all happened b/c of my lack of sewing expertise...and this is just another sage in my sewing experiences)
I thought by measuring from leg to leg, that would allow plenty of room for the folding over and sewing.  But for me it didn't.  It's hard to fold a perfect edge around a circle.  Any tips on how to do that?  I will allow for another 1" next time

 Then the thread tension was off, and I get all done sewing to discover this messy, messy sewed edge.

Then I'm fiddling with it trying to make it fit...it fit over the foam just fine, but did not wrap around the edges of the stool very well.  Thus the material kept popping off when I would tighten the ribbon that I had pulled through the nice little pocket edge that I had messily sewed.  So I took the foam out and am trying to just tighten the ribbon for the material to go around just the stool.  The material itself just ripped apart on me...b/c I was tightening the ribbon too much.  

See why I hate to sew?  
Things like this always happen.  
So I don't have enough fabric to continue with this project today.  :(  I was so pleased too, b/c I had gone searching and found the perfect large circle that I need to trace for a pattern...DH's honey extractor (we have honey bees).  A perfect 18 1/2" cicle on it's base.  
But now I need it to be bigger...so the search continues.

I really, really wish my MIL lived closer.  It was SO fun to work on these kinds of projects with her last fall when she visited us.  No visit this year.  :(

I'm off to work in my art journal....


505whimsygirl said...

This is exactly why my new portable sewing machine is in the closet! I have lots of very colorful fabric and ideas in my head, but alas, I'm afraid. I used to sew in high school but that was over 30 (yes 30) years ago!?!

Good luck at round two. It is good to take a break from something and return to it.

Cecil and Amy said...

AAAACK! That looks like one of my sewing experiences- not that I've made this particular thing, but there have been so many projects that have made me SSSSOOOOOO ANGRY! Try try again!

Darcie said...

Bummer! Try, try, try again...is that the moral of some stories? I don't know...I have never tried my hand at sewing, so Kudos to you for trying.