Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hambo Hoedown, Frame challenge

The free digi image I received this week from Hambo (this was done for Hambo Hoedown using last weeks freebie for participating in that challenge.  This week's challenge was to incorporate a frame on our project.), Camera Guy, instantly brought back memories of my Grandpa.  He was avid photographer (see, it's in my blood to take a lot of pictures!) and even developed his own pictures.  I had a lovely walk down memory lane, and I found myself totally side-tracked the other afternoon, digging through a tote of old photos looking for photos of him, and also looking for the photos he took of me when I was a baby and little girl.  I'm so thankful for someone that documented parts of my childhood like he did.  I'm anxious to make a double-page layout with my photos and memories.  I knew I couldn't manage to get the scrapbooking done for the deadline of this challenge, so I decided a tag would be a perfect way to incorporate this cute photographer fellow onto my layout when I do get some time to scrapbook. (hopefully this next week)

Have you ever had something trigger a flood of memories??
The other photography memory I have is of him setting us all up for some big family photo op,
setting his timer and tripod just right and then running to get himself back in the picture just right!  Keys or change jangling in his pocket and a twinkle in his eye.  And of course, a smile.

Here are some of the photos I scanned and had developed to work with on my layout.  When I get the layout done, I want to make copies of it for my dad.  I know he would enjoy the trip down memory lane also.

The first picture below is so Grandpa! He and Grandma sent a lot of time laughing and giggling.

A few different moods captured here!


Whimsey said...

Oh what great photos; thanks for sharing those!!!

Love your tag; the postage frame is just adorable! Great colors!

Thanks for joining the Hambo Hoedown this week!


Cecil and Amy said...

whoa! I've never seen pics of you as a little kid. Very hard to see YOU in them, except for one picture. I don't see your girls either....?

Melissa said...

What great pictures. It's always fun to "remember when". Love your tag and the postage stamp frame. Thanks for joining us at the Hoedown this week!

Melissa said...

What a great tag!!! :) Those photos are precious! Grandparents hold such a special place in our hearts, don't they? I love looking back at childhood pictures! Makes me smile every time! Now I hope I can create some smile moments for my own children! :)