Friday, November 11, 2011

Free for All Grateful for...

The Friday Free for All challenge over at Spitcoast is to use embellishments that you are grateful for!  Wow, that's fun!  I'm always grateful for elegant ribbon.  And then a touch of glitter or some gems is always something I reach for.  I used the glitter on the little flowers, but this card was diffucult to photograph.

This card was made for the unit coordinator at our local Senior Behavioral Sciences Center.  I see her every month when I pick up some Rx samples for my dad.  I call ahead and she has a bag ready for me to pick up when I arrive.  She is always so friendly and helpful.  But she goes further back in our history than that.  She was one of the first people I talked to when we were dealing with the early onset dementia that my mom had.  We had to admit her several times to this place to get her medicines adjusted to help her (and us!).  Mary always answered our calls and questions or directed us to the right person who could help us.  She handled our paperwork and appointments so nicely.  This isn't a pleasant experience to have to go through, so you are always grateful for competent staff that helps smooth the emotional transitions that you have to go through with loves ones at times.  I don't know why I haven't thought to do this for her before, but like someone mentioned to me, maybe she needs something like this right now, today.  Maybe.  But regardless, a special thanks to her is long overdue.  I'll be including a gift card to a local restaurant for her.  She is a caregiver for her own mother who has Alzheimer's.  The color of the card is inspired by the Alzheimer's Association purple colors.

Are you thankful for someone?  Let them know.  Don't wait for a special challenge or magazine article about giving.  Do it now.  Don't delay!  Let your heart move you, it will be so much more rewarding.


Anonymous said...

I learned something new today about my favorite color!

Your kindness will certainly make a deep impression...I like hearing about RAK shown to others.

Darcie said...

Your last paragraph says it very true!