Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At our Thanksgiving table,

Whew!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Sorry for the delayed post, but I've not had a moment to spare and still don't really, but couldn't let anymore time go by without documenting our delightful holiday weekend.  I'm shorting myself of some much needed sleep, but... I read about this blog idea on Margie's blog and it instantly appealed to me (I had a brief spell yesterday morning to glance at Google Reader).  I was wanting to share with you about our holiday but still have company, so I couldn't sit down and write a novel.

For dinner:  turkey, dressing, mashed potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, roasted fall veggies,  gluten-free dressing, squash rolls, cranberry sauce, orange jello salad, mixed greens salad w/fruit dressing, olives/pickles.  Apple cider and water to drink.

For dessert:  Pies, pecan, sour cream apple, cherry, pumpkin, Gluten-free apple, Gluten-free pecan.  pumpkin Roll-Ups, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, sponge candy.

At our table:  18, some of which included three first cousins, six first cousins once removed, one Poppa, and five dear friends.

The weather:  balmy, 50*'ish.  Breezy.  Perfect temps for our morning run.  And an afternoon walk.

Fun and games:  Ping-Pong, tag football, plenty of basement (or baz {short a}-ment as one little girl called it!) play, Rook, Carroms, Memory, Uno.

Other events:  feeding the chickens and collecting eggs, window shopping for John Deere tractors (guy thing for sure!), Goodwill shopping (we ladies weren't adventuresome enough to hit the real stores!), crocheting, music therapy walks, lots of tea drinking, filling/emptying the dishwasher

Other food:  Chuck roast dinner w/leftover sides from Thanksgiving, pizza, breakfast casserole, Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, lots of raw veggies to snack on, turkey rice soup, cheese & crackers

Lots of visiting, laughs, relaxation and good company.  Several commented that it was just like an ol' fashioned Thanksgiving...no major accomplishments.  Just sitting back, savoring each others company and enjoying the fellowship.  I took pictures.  But not a lot.  I was just too involved in enjoying the moment at hand.  And we were spread all over the house most of the time.  Some in the basement.  Some in the family room.  Some in the kitchen.  Some outside.   It was wonderful to be with family and share family stories.  To find out that all our mothers (the cousin's moms are sisters) over-cooked meat until it was well beyond dead and thoroughly dried out. Our spouses are greatly relieved that we have since learned otherwise!  :)

And now we have more company.  Thanksgiving company left by 3 pm Saturday and more company came Sunday evening at 5 pm.  By 8 pm Saturday, we were ready for company again!  We will be company free again Wednesday afternoon.

the day before,

Thanksgiving day photos,


well-fed chickens,

leftover line-up,

shoe pile-up,

And last evening, we played Scrabble with our company,

And guess what?? 
Cyber Monday passed by without my buying one thing online.  Just no surfing time.  And I really don't need anything.  Pure & Simple.  And I've got emails to read and write.  Slowly but surely I will get to them.  But first I had to document our life this last week!


Melissa said...

What a wonderful record of your Thanksgiving weekend - it sounds like it was filled with love & laughter!

Anonymous said...

I notice that there are no green beans on that plate of food...must not be my plate! :) TFS.

Darcie said...

Best to document while the memories are still fresh...so I've learned. Glad you had a good old fashion Thanksgiving, surrounded by all those you love.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

What a lovely post and sounds like a truly special day indeed!!

Mj said...

lovely! love your pictures..everything looks warm and cozy...fun times! glad you had them!!

Lani said...

LOVE it! What everyone else said.