Tuesday, November 29, 2011

At our Thanksgiving table,

Whew!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Sorry for the delayed post, but I've not had a moment to spare and still don't really, but couldn't let anymore time go by without documenting our delightful holiday weekend.  I'm shorting myself of some much needed sleep, but... I read about this blog idea on Margie's blog and it instantly appealed to me (I had a brief spell yesterday morning to glance at Google Reader).  I was wanting to share with you about our holiday but still have company, so I couldn't sit down and write a novel.

For dinner:  turkey, dressing, mashed potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, roasted fall veggies,  gluten-free dressing, squash rolls, cranberry sauce, orange jello salad, mixed greens salad w/fruit dressing, olives/pickles.  Apple cider and water to drink.

For dessert:  Pies, pecan, sour cream apple, cherry, pumpkin, Gluten-free apple, Gluten-free pecan.  pumpkin Roll-Ups, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, sponge candy.

At our table:  18, some of which included three first cousins, six first cousins once removed, one Poppa, and five dear friends.

The weather:  balmy, 50*'ish.  Breezy.  Perfect temps for our morning run.  And an afternoon walk.

Fun and games:  Ping-Pong, tag football, plenty of basement (or baz {short a}-ment as one little girl called it!) play, Rook, Carroms, Memory, Uno.

Other events:  feeding the chickens and collecting eggs, window shopping for John Deere tractors (guy thing for sure!), Goodwill shopping (we ladies weren't adventuresome enough to hit the real stores!), crocheting, music therapy walks, lots of tea drinking, filling/emptying the dishwasher

Other food:  Chuck roast dinner w/leftover sides from Thanksgiving, pizza, breakfast casserole, Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, lots of raw veggies to snack on, turkey rice soup, cheese & crackers

Lots of visiting, laughs, relaxation and good company.  Several commented that it was just like an ol' fashioned Thanksgiving...no major accomplishments.  Just sitting back, savoring each others company and enjoying the fellowship.  I took pictures.  But not a lot.  I was just too involved in enjoying the moment at hand.  And we were spread all over the house most of the time.  Some in the basement.  Some in the family room.  Some in the kitchen.  Some outside.   It was wonderful to be with family and share family stories.  To find out that all our mothers (the cousin's moms are sisters) over-cooked meat until it was well beyond dead and thoroughly dried out. Our spouses are greatly relieved that we have since learned otherwise!  :)

And now we have more company.  Thanksgiving company left by 3 pm Saturday and more company came Sunday evening at 5 pm.  By 8 pm Saturday, we were ready for company again!  We will be company free again Wednesday afternoon.

the day before,

Thanksgiving day photos,


well-fed chickens,

leftover line-up,

shoe pile-up,

And last evening, we played Scrabble with our company,

And guess what?? 
Cyber Monday passed by without my buying one thing online.  Just no surfing time.  And I really don't need anything.  Pure & Simple.  And I've got emails to read and write.  Slowly but surely I will get to them.  But first I had to document our life this last week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November Color Combo Blog Hop

Welcome!  If you have arrived here from Amy's blog, you are in the right place.  In case you get lost along the way, the full list of blog hop participants is at the bottom of this post.

I'm thrilled to be joining up with the monthly Color Combo Blog Hop.  When I saw this month's color scheme, I was inspired to get my Thanksgiving cards made....and get them mailed out in time!  Joy!
Here are a couple of the cards I made.  Ahem, I forgot to take photos of the cards before I put them in the mail yesterday.  

So, onward and forward, I will share with you our Thanksgiving gifts for my DDs' teachers!  I realized this project goes along perfectly with the color scheme.  I made up 13 of these little bags.  
Simple & easy.

I found the recipe through my cousin. It's a super long-lasting bar of soap and dries nicely on an open-slat type soap dish.  The recipe I used can be found here.

Then one evening after I collected eggs from our chicken coop, I was coming back up the stairs and noticed this little pile of leaves and it reminded me of our challenge.  

And that, of course, sent me on a mission to see if I could see anything else that would go along with the color challenge.  I found this prickly bush out by our deck with the right shades.

And winter is on it's way so this will all be covered up with huge snow drifts!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Scrapbooking Grandpa Memories

Wow, can you believe it??  Finally some scrapbook pages to show off!
 Remember my tag I made for the Hambo Hoedown challenge?  Well, here it is on my scrapbook page layout!  This project took me all afternoon, but I'm so happy to have a story told and recorded.
I was inspired to get these photos out and make these pages after listening to a Paperclipping podcast about the scrapbooking the 80s and by a free (because I participated in their challenge the week before) digi image I received from Hambo Stamps last week.  
Don't you love it when inspiration bombards you from every side??
My photos on the 12x12 pages are wallet sized.  I scanned in my original photos at Walmart.  They did a fabulous job.  I got a much better quality than the scan job I did from home.

The two page layout,

Page 1,

8 1/2" x 11" insert, front

8 1/2" x 11" insert, back

Page 2,

All of the stamping was done with Technique Tuesday stamps by Ali Edwards.  I have them in my stash for a long time and finally got to put them to very good use.  I also used a House Mouse stamp, Say Cheese and just cut off the mouse part.  The "say cheese" sentiment is from Lawn Fawn's, Say Cheese set.  Along with anything coffee themed, I also love photography themed stamps!!

Some behind the scenes photos of this project,

ready to scrap,

busy at work,

the first "R" stamped crooked, so then I just played with the letters to see how they would look as a word.  Then decided to pop-dot the letter circles over my goofs!

And here's how they look in my new album that I found at Archiver's back in May. I love the buttercup yellow color.  Perfect to hold all my sentimental layouts that I make as I continue to dig through my photo tote.

Thank you for stopping by!
Tomorrow I'll be joining in with the monthly Color Combo Blog Hop 
that I've missed for several months!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hambo Hoedown, Tag Challenge

My BIL's (Amy, don't tell him or let him peek here!!) birthday is next week, just before Thanksgiving, so I thought it would fun to make a funny card for him with the new freebie digi from Hambo for participating in last week's frame challenge!  The sentiment is changed from "Happy Turkey Day" to "Happy Birthday...Turkey!"  :)  And I got to make another tag, since that was this week's Hambo Hoedown challenge theme.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  
I am!!  
Looks like a clear weather forecast here for our travelers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Queen of the Hambo Hoedown!

What a fun honor!  Queen of the Hambo Hoedown this week!! :)  What a perfect week to win...I was so thankful for their challenge that helped me recollect memories of my Grandpa and walk down memory lane.  Now I have even further motivation to get my scrapbook pages done!  THANK YOU Hambo!  :)
Here's the tag I made.  And this week their theme is tags, so I'll get to make another tag. Fun!

Other fun,
Last evening I made sponge candy following this recipe.  My husband was doubtful that the goodness of sponge candy could be replicated at home...and I was too, truth be told.  But after reading the recipe and blog post about her experiences, I felt I had found a winner!  And winner it was.  Move over Farm & Fleet (that's where I have to buy it locally, but it's fake chocolate coated...ick!).  But..........no, I wouldn't go as far as to tell my family's candy shop to move over.  Nope...their's is still top-shelf (go, order if you want to see for yourself!!), but it was fun and rewarding to try at home.

I used 2 bags of Ghirardelli milk chocolate baking chips, melted, to coat my sponge pieces.

All boxed up!  (ahem, just for ME...makes em' taste even better having such cute packaging)
I found these pretty wintery candy boxes in my stash of containers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter blog re-do and card

To celebrate my new wintery blog look, I followed along with two fun challenges today.  Digital Tuesday's Christmas challenge and The Prickley Pear's sketch challenge.  I have an elderly friend in mind for this card who needs to know our thoughts go her way often.  The image is a pre-colored digi image, Christmas Cardinal from FredSheSaid.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Digital Tuesday Challenge, Paisley Elephant

This week's Digital Tuesday challenge is an "anything goes" with the use of something digital on your card. I found this adorable paisley elephant (or elersant as I called them as a child!) over at Bugaboo Digi Stamps, which happens to be the sponsor over at DT.  Along with pre-colored digital images, silhouette stamps have also been fun for me to use...no coloring!

My card colors were inspired from a Real Simple article about color.  You can see their photos of it here.  But I loved how it showed up better in their magazine on page 141 of the August 2011 issue.  I set out to use these colors on a card the other day, and when I saw the cute elersant, I knew it was meant to be.

From Real Simple's August 2011 magazine, pg 141

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hambo Hoedown, Frame challenge

The free digi image I received this week from Hambo (this was done for Hambo Hoedown using last weeks freebie for participating in that challenge.  This week's challenge was to incorporate a frame on our project.), Camera Guy, instantly brought back memories of my Grandpa.  He was avid photographer (see, it's in my blood to take a lot of pictures!) and even developed his own pictures.  I had a lovely walk down memory lane, and I found myself totally side-tracked the other afternoon, digging through a tote of old photos looking for photos of him, and also looking for the photos he took of me when I was a baby and little girl.  I'm so thankful for someone that documented parts of my childhood like he did.  I'm anxious to make a double-page layout with my photos and memories.  I knew I couldn't manage to get the scrapbooking done for the deadline of this challenge, so I decided a tag would be a perfect way to incorporate this cute photographer fellow onto my layout when I do get some time to scrapbook. (hopefully this next week)

Have you ever had something trigger a flood of memories??
The other photography memory I have is of him setting us all up for some big family photo op,
setting his timer and tripod just right and then running to get himself back in the picture just right!  Keys or change jangling in his pocket and a twinkle in his eye.  And of course, a smile.

Here are some of the photos I scanned and had developed to work with on my layout.  When I get the layout done, I want to make copies of it for my dad.  I know he would enjoy the trip down memory lane also.

The first picture below is so Grandpa! He and Grandma sent a lot of time laughing and giggling.

A few different moods captured here!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Free for All Grateful for...

The Friday Free for All challenge over at Spitcoast is to use embellishments that you are grateful for!  Wow, that's fun!  I'm always grateful for elegant ribbon.  And then a touch of glitter or some gems is always something I reach for.  I used the glitter on the little flowers, but this card was diffucult to photograph.

This card was made for the unit coordinator at our local Senior Behavioral Sciences Center.  I see her every month when I pick up some Rx samples for my dad.  I call ahead and she has a bag ready for me to pick up when I arrive.  She is always so friendly and helpful.  But she goes further back in our history than that.  She was one of the first people I talked to when we were dealing with the early onset dementia that my mom had.  We had to admit her several times to this place to get her medicines adjusted to help her (and us!).  Mary always answered our calls and questions or directed us to the right person who could help us.  She handled our paperwork and appointments so nicely.  This isn't a pleasant experience to have to go through, so you are always grateful for competent staff that helps smooth the emotional transitions that you have to go through with loves ones at times.  I don't know why I haven't thought to do this for her before, but like someone mentioned to me, maybe she needs something like this right now, today.  Maybe.  But regardless, a special thanks to her is long overdue.  I'll be including a gift card to a local restaurant for her.  She is a caregiver for her own mother who has Alzheimer's.  The color of the card is inspired by the Alzheimer's Association purple colors.

Are you thankful for someone?  Let them know.  Don't wait for a special challenge or magazine article about giving.  Do it now.  Don't delay!  Let your heart move you, it will be so much more rewarding.

Veteran's Day

I made two of these cards.  One to send to my BIL and one to hand deliver to a man in our church meeting.  I've made him one every year for a couple of year's now.  After receiving the first one he said, "Nobody has ever thanked me like that."  That made me sad, but it inspired me to remember our Veteran's better.
I found the glittery star and ticket in my stash jar.  I have a jar that I throw extra embellishments or scraps of little ribbon & twine that I end up not needing on different projects.  It's fun to dig through and find just what I need.

Scrap jar,

For the envelope that I mailed, I played around with some mail art again!  Still haven't cracked the cover of that fun new book I bought about mail art.


And here is a lovely display at our school.  
They asked the kids to bring in photos of family and friends that were veterans.  We had three photos to bring in.  One of my husband's grandpa, one of his dad and one of our brother-in-law.
Very nice!

And happy 11th day of the 11th month of 2011.
I think we'll party at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm today!!