Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Life update

Yesterday I spent the day working on catching my PL album up to the current month.  My private blog is all up-to-date, but I would love to be able to sit down and look at my album.  I started about 11 am in the morning (had to get my morning routines and daily exercise in first!).  The catching up started back in June, filling in some missing journal information.  Most of my pictures were in place, I just need to label some of the pictures and adhere some of the extra things (maps, brochures, ticket stubs, etc)  I was including in my album.

I set everything up on the dining room table so I could enjoy the nice sunshine coming in through the front windows.  Being down in my basement craft corner just didn't appeal to me today.  I also brought up my printer.  Instead of hand-writing that many journal cards out, I'm printing them off.
All set to go!

I used the upper shelf above my buffet to keep all the little photo sticker backings and corner clippings from photos and journal cards.  That kept them up and out of the way of my work space.  It made for easy garbage collection at the end of the day also .

Printing out all the journal posts from my private PL blog  worked out wonderful.  Copy, paste, print cut, insert into PL album.  Done.  I'm almost liking the new clean, easy-to-read printed cards and may just keep doing that.  I hate my hand writing!

After about two hours, I was into mid-July.  It was slow starting until my creative mojo got flowing.   That brought me to where there were no more pictures added to my album.  Next up was sorting the stash of pictures I had developed and finding all the PL ones (which was most of them. but I did order lots of duplicates for my kids to scrapbook with).

Lunch break!

The work continues tomorrow, so check back for some PL updates!

My little Project Life testimony,
It was a very enjoyable day, loved reliving so many fun moments of our life.
Project Life has totally
changed my perspective on life.
I feel more enagaged.
More interested in my surroundings.
More aware of life's ups and downs.
More aware of the daily routines that I love so.

I'm excited to be documenting our life in such an easy, organized way.
It's all there.  
No fuss. 
No more guilt about the lack of detailed scrapbook pages to place these photos on.
Finally a way to enjoy them in an album format, instead of on the computer screen.  
Yes, a photo album would work just fine, but I love the addition of the journaling and the room for extra stuff that used to get stashed away in a box never to be looked at again for a long time.

And I didn't have a hard time finding a photo to take each day.  And if I noticed life was getting a little boring, it spurred me into action.  Have someone over.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Like I say, it made me more aware of life.   And as my theme has been lately, life is about the doing.  The caring.  The sharing.  It's not meant to be lived all bottled up in our own little world.
For that I'm thankful!

And one more thing PL has done for me.  I started a diary.  It's become a nightly ritual, a part of my quiet time.  Sit back and reflect on the day.  I'm using the books from Log Your Memory.  I see their store is currently closed as they get ready for the new 2012 release.  But I'll be back with another blog post on that subject!  :)


Angie said...

I love seeing what you are doing. Great photos! Very cool how your PL has helped you enjoy life more!!! TFS what you are doing!

Melissa said...

Way to go with your PL catchup - it does sound like it was a lovely day. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and were able to accomplish so much! Great photos to show you working throughout the day.

Melissa said...

Yay! You had a good day of PL'ing!!! :) After this weekend, it's photo editing and printing for me!!! I won't have a whole day to work on it, of course, but little by little I'm going to get things caught up! Looking forward to it! Like you said, it's always nice to relive the memories! Sometimes, looking back, I see things from a different perspective! :)

Bethaney said...

I have to admit that I have had no idea what PL stood for all these times you have used it. :-) Sounds like such a great idea. I may just steal it and do it myself. Just from regular blogging, I have found myself looking at things differently, looking for the funny side of things, the beautiful, the interesting to share on my blog. Hmmmm..... you have got me thinking! A dangerous thing! :-)