Monday, October 10, 2011

First art journal page

I finally dug out a sketch notebook I bought this summer.  My youngest daughter was home sick two days last week and the second day we got our paints out.  She did some watercolors, and I played around with my first art journal page.  I had also found some old dictionarys at our local thrift store this summer.  They've been patiently waiting to have some pages torn out and used for fun artsy type projects.  
Very fun!

Last week, I also got some pink cards done in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  One of the many challenges over SCS inspired me, but I forget which one now!

A little depth view,

Still enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having.  Took a 12 mile bike ride this afternoon.  The days are numbered for that kind of activity!  I love biking through the heart of farm country.  Fields and fields of corn and soy beans.  Soon to be harvested I'm sure.  I love the sound of farm machinery running way off in the fields around our house.  And seeing their lights on out in the fields as they work through the night hours.  From my viewpoint it's all beautiful, but I know there is a LOT of work involved.  Thankful for those who love what they do...well, hopefully they love it!  
We all need to love our place don't we?  :)


Bethaney said...

You are so artistic! Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon with a sick girl! Love the first card especially! We just got back from our evening walk--glad to squeeze a few more in before it gets too icy!

Darcie said...

To answer your question...yes we do. Brings so much more joy and peace that way.

Your cards are the purple flower on the pink...very pretty.

Enjoy your bike rides!

Anonymous said...

YES...need I say more?

Stacy@{share and remember} said...

Beautiful work! I like it all. Loving this perfect weather!

Melissa said...

What a fun art journal! You do so well with putting together things like that! Always fun to see what you create! Love your cards, especially the first one with the paper blossom. I've been wanting to try one of those. Thanks for the little nudge! :) Love your last question/statement. So, so true. No peace otherwise...