Monday, October 24, 2011

A blah-blah post,

Lots to say that I haven't been able to get posted so hence, the blah-blah post!

First, my work on my Project Life album is coming along.  
This was last Tuesday's PL photo of the day,
And you know I can't work without chocolate and a cup of something steamy nearby,
Here was a photo of the whole operation still spread out in my dining room on Friday!
I just wasn't getting a chance to get back at it.

But come Sunday, it looked like this finally.  I worked on my album some more Saturday afternoon to get it to a point where I could close everything up.  I still have some journal cards to print off and include.  But we had company for supper Sunday, and for that we needed a cleaned up dining room.

I visited an artsy town for lunch with a friend last week and discovered LittleMissMatched flip-flop socks.  YES, I needed these!  I've been wearing my Orthaheel flip-flops all summer and have had ZERO foot pain.  Now that I'm not wearing them so much, my feet are hurty.  So I was wanting to find some of these and found them without even really looking for them.  
At an old fashioned variety & department store.
Made me think of my mom immediately upon stepping inside the store.
I have a scrapbook page idea, of putting together photos of things I always do.  Things I always order, etc.
Here's one photo, the coffee I always order
Decaf Mocha w/whipped
(whipped only on days when I want an extra treat though, not every time!)

I have this pile of felt staring me in the face this week.  My youngest daughter wants to dress up as a candy corn! She'll also hand out candy corn to her classmates and teachers.  If I have the time, I want to make these candy corn felt sachets too (o/w her candy corn treats will go into baggies).  We've had fun carving pumpkins.  And we'll have fun dressing up (although DD2 is the only one dressing up this year...maybe I will have to drag out my clown outfit and keep her company.  Would be fun to surprise them!) and going trick or treating. But that's the extent of our Halloween celebrations.  We don't celebrate anymore of it than that!

That's enough out of me!
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.


Mj said...

loving those socks...i need to read more to understand the PL thing! what sort of shoes aren't making your feet feel "hurty"? that word made me laugh!! have a great week!

Bethaney said...

Fun socks! And I LOVE those candy corn bags. They look simple enough, but I am sure making 20+ would not be that simple. :-)