Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat...

My youngest daughter is dressing up as a candy corn today. I made her outfit based on the inspiration over here.  It was very easy...and I'm not a seamstress so that is saying something.  I did goof up once and had to remake the dress b/c I cut it too small.  She could get it on, but getting it off was another story.

It's not her turn to bring in holiday treats, but how can a girl dress up as a candy corn and not give out candy corn treats???   I made these for her classmates.  The sleeves are from my SU demo.  Maybe M&Ms are easier to insert into these, but candy corns took a long time. But it was fun!

I made these candy corn sachets to give to her two teachers and also to some of her close adult friends that we will visit later this afternoon after piano lessons!

So, that pile of orange, yellow and white felt has gone down quite a bit and I've got just the right amount to throw into my fabric stash tote.

On to the next project, making soap for Thanksgiving teacher gifts!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mail art

Just found this post all written up and still in draft form...

I finally got try my hand at some envelop art!  
Just with ink and stamps so far, but it was fun none-the-less.

Sorry, I realized I had already started getting the envelope ready to mail before I took a picture of it. Thus the softened ares to blot out the addresses.



and the card that went with it,

Monday, October 24, 2011

Project Life, 2012

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

I can't wait for Becky's new Project Life kits to go on sale!  If you are interested in her product, let me share with you a few fun, important links that tell about her product that so many of us love.

Prices for the new product (scroll down, the first part is about her 2011 styles)
Getting started (awesome video)
Community (awesome inspiration, ideas and a place to visit with other PL'ers!)

Thanks Becky, for an awesome product!
(as if...she reads my blog!)

I hope this helps my readers that aren't familiar with Project Life!

Here's a few peeks at my albums.  I have two now for the year so far.  I will be getting a matching album for the 2nd album, but for now, this extra one works.

Project Life at home on my dining room counter,

Recipes to keep,

Emails with our family,

Summer to-do list,

Places we went,

I even taped  my birthday candle on!

As soon as I get my hands on the new 2012 kit, I'll post pictures of my starting process!

A blah-blah post,

Lots to say that I haven't been able to get posted so hence, the blah-blah post!

First, my work on my Project Life album is coming along.  
This was last Tuesday's PL photo of the day,
And you know I can't work without chocolate and a cup of something steamy nearby,
Here was a photo of the whole operation still spread out in my dining room on Friday!
I just wasn't getting a chance to get back at it.

But come Sunday, it looked like this finally.  I worked on my album some more Saturday afternoon to get it to a point where I could close everything up.  I still have some journal cards to print off and include.  But we had company for supper Sunday, and for that we needed a cleaned up dining room.

I visited an artsy town for lunch with a friend last week and discovered LittleMissMatched flip-flop socks.  YES, I needed these!  I've been wearing my Orthaheel flip-flops all summer and have had ZERO foot pain.  Now that I'm not wearing them so much, my feet are hurty.  So I was wanting to find some of these and found them without even really looking for them.  
At an old fashioned variety & department store.
Made me think of my mom immediately upon stepping inside the store.
I have a scrapbook page idea, of putting together photos of things I always do.  Things I always order, etc.
Here's one photo, the coffee I always order
Decaf Mocha w/whipped
(whipped only on days when I want an extra treat though, not every time!)

I have this pile of felt staring me in the face this week.  My youngest daughter wants to dress up as a candy corn! She'll also hand out candy corn to her classmates and teachers.  If I have the time, I want to make these candy corn felt sachets too (o/w her candy corn treats will go into baggies).  We've had fun carving pumpkins.  And we'll have fun dressing up (although DD2 is the only one dressing up this year...maybe I will have to drag out my clown outfit and keep her company.  Would be fun to surprise them!) and going trick or treating. But that's the extent of our Halloween celebrations.  We don't celebrate anymore of it than that!

That's enough out of me!
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Life update

Yesterday I spent the day working on catching my PL album up to the current month.  My private blog is all up-to-date, but I would love to be able to sit down and look at my album.  I started about 11 am in the morning (had to get my morning routines and daily exercise in first!).  The catching up started back in June, filling in some missing journal information.  Most of my pictures were in place, I just need to label some of the pictures and adhere some of the extra things (maps, brochures, ticket stubs, etc)  I was including in my album.

I set everything up on the dining room table so I could enjoy the nice sunshine coming in through the front windows.  Being down in my basement craft corner just didn't appeal to me today.  I also brought up my printer.  Instead of hand-writing that many journal cards out, I'm printing them off.
All set to go!

I used the upper shelf above my buffet to keep all the little photo sticker backings and corner clippings from photos and journal cards.  That kept them up and out of the way of my work space.  It made for easy garbage collection at the end of the day also .

Printing out all the journal posts from my private PL blog  worked out wonderful.  Copy, paste, print cut, insert into PL album.  Done.  I'm almost liking the new clean, easy-to-read printed cards and may just keep doing that.  I hate my hand writing!

After about two hours, I was into mid-July.  It was slow starting until my creative mojo got flowing.   That brought me to where there were no more pictures added to my album.  Next up was sorting the stash of pictures I had developed and finding all the PL ones (which was most of them. but I did order lots of duplicates for my kids to scrapbook with).

Lunch break!

The work continues tomorrow, so check back for some PL updates!

My little Project Life testimony,
It was a very enjoyable day, loved reliving so many fun moments of our life.
Project Life has totally
changed my perspective on life.
I feel more enagaged.
More interested in my surroundings.
More aware of life's ups and downs.
More aware of the daily routines that I love so.

I'm excited to be documenting our life in such an easy, organized way.
It's all there.  
No fuss. 
No more guilt about the lack of detailed scrapbook pages to place these photos on.
Finally a way to enjoy them in an album format, instead of on the computer screen.  
Yes, a photo album would work just fine, but I love the addition of the journaling and the room for extra stuff that used to get stashed away in a box never to be looked at again for a long time.

And I didn't have a hard time finding a photo to take each day.  And if I noticed life was getting a little boring, it spurred me into action.  Have someone over.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Like I say, it made me more aware of life.   And as my theme has been lately, life is about the doing.  The caring.  The sharing.  It's not meant to be lived all bottled up in our own little world.
For that I'm thankful!

And one more thing PL has done for me.  I started a diary.  It's become a nightly ritual, a part of my quiet time.  Sit back and reflect on the day.  I'm using the books from Log Your Memory.  I see their store is currently closed as they get ready for the new 2012 release.  But I'll be back with another blog post on that subject!  :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life is too short,

I made a few "thinking of you" cards this morning.  I made myself sit down and do them in the morning so they would get out in today's mail.  I have apples on the mind from canning up 30 quarts of applesauce this past weekend, so I used my new apple die cute from PTI.

When thoughts of someone have been laid on my heart, I'm trying to remember that it's for a reason.  Our loved ones and friends need to know we care.  I've been the recipient of happy mail that has simply made my day.  I need to post a few examples of that soon.  I have a stash of cards that I rec'd this summer.
Life is too short.  Today is too short.

Just a little of what's been on my mind.
I'm far from being perfect at any of this.
And as you know, a blog is just a place for a person to write.
If these thoughts don't appeal to you, don't worry.
They weren't written with you in mind.
They were simply written to get a few thoughts in writing.
Go, now and enjoy your day!

Monday, October 10, 2011

First art journal page

I finally dug out a sketch notebook I bought this summer.  My youngest daughter was home sick two days last week and the second day we got our paints out.  She did some watercolors, and I played around with my first art journal page.  I had also found some old dictionarys at our local thrift store this summer.  They've been patiently waiting to have some pages torn out and used for fun artsy type projects.  
Very fun!

Last week, I also got some pink cards done in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  One of the many challenges over SCS inspired me, but I forget which one now!

A little depth view,

Still enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having.  Took a 12 mile bike ride this afternoon.  The days are numbered for that kind of activity!  I love biking through the heart of farm country.  Fields and fields of corn and soy beans.  Soon to be harvested I'm sure.  I love the sound of farm machinery running way off in the fields around our house.  And seeing their lights on out in the fields as they work through the night hours.  From my viewpoint it's all beautiful, but I know there is a LOT of work involved.  Thankful for those who love what they do...well, hopefully they love it!  
We all need to love our place don't we?  :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Planting for spring beauty

I have 25 Stargazer Lily bulbs to plant.  My cousin gave me a bag full this summer and I've been needing to send a thank you.  They are one of my favorite flowers.  So big and showy and fragrant.

I'm slowly getting a few cards done for those on my long list of dear ones I want to send cards to.  Some are thank yous, some are thinking of yous, some are just simple hellos.   I love making cards with a specific person in mind.

We are enjoying some beautiful warm, autumn days. Indian Summer.  
I'm so ready for the cold and cozy, but I'll enjoy some more sun rays since they are being offered.

My youngest daughter was home sick a couple of days this week.  One day we took a walk through our field down below and enjoyed the beauty. 

Here are a few glimpses of what we enjoyed,

Love the sun shining through, it has given me much food for thought.

As my mom would often say and write on any chalkboard she came near (we had a few in our house, she loved to write messages on them)  "Take time to smell the flowers."  In essence, take time to enjoy the beauty around you.  And I might add, the beauty within you too.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Warming trends

First, my disclaimer, I've added links to the beautiful inspiration that motivated my sympathy cards in the last post.  I've lost my blogging sync and forgot to add those links when I posted.  Like I said there, I hate the thought, or rather reality, of people stealing ideas and not giving proper credit.  I'm sure we all slip up once in awhile, but since I remembered it this morning, I wanted to be sure and fix my error.  So please go back and check out those links to some beautiful work.  Love Renee's blog especially.  I think she is one of those original Splitcoasters that I remember from way back when.

And since I'm posting, I'll tell you about my recent drinking habits.  I'm so excited to have found my favorite autumn tea blend, Stash Pumpkin Spice.  We went shopping the other evening and stopped at our favorite Hyvee.  That is actually where I found it about three years ago and haven't seen it since.  I bought two boxes, so that should get me safely through the season.

I also tried making my own Pumpkin Spice Latte (giving you my Pinterest link b/c her site is not allowing me to pull up the recipe right now...will try to fix it to go right to her site later) at home.  It was very good, but I know why I prefer to buy them when I'm out and's a treat and too many calories to be ingesting at home everyday.

I prefer cups of tea with about 0 calories.  
And inspiring quotes that often hit the spot just as much as the tea does.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sympathy trends

I've had quite a number of sympathy cards to make the last few weeks.  
Here's a few from this last week,

I forgot to add the links to the inspiration that made these cards possible.  I hate the thought and the reality of stealing ideas and not giving credit where it's due.  Sorry....I'm out of sync with blogging and didn't think about it until this morning.

Second card,