Saturday, September 3, 2011

Coffee break anyone?

For some reason I'm craving donuts now!!  I made this card for my MIL.  I bought the Dunkin' Donuts gift card when we were up there this summer.  I had to have her mail me some pictures that I accidentally had sent to her Walmart store (b/c that's where I sent a bunch so I could get them when we went up there, but I forgot to change the pick-up location when we got home).  This is her "pay" for postage and should be fun treat for her.  Who doesn't like a coffee break with a donut now and then??

I used a new-to-me set from Hero Arts "Have a Donut" and some new felt I just got from Papertrey Ink.  I couldn't resist making a homemade sleeve for the cup.  I want to make some real ones this winter.

Inspiration for the card colors,

And the three little brads were inspired by Misti's cards!  She always has some placed perfectly and it adds so much to her cards!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
One last hurrah to summer eh?


Melissa said...

Cute card! I like the addition of the felt.

Jen said...

Cute card. I love your new blog look (okay, I don't know how new it is, but it's new to me).

mollymoo951 said...

LOVE THE CARD! And love the new blog digs! :-D

Anonymous said...

No coffee for me but I would eat that donut! Cute card and glad to have you refreshed from vacation and able to share your life again with us lurkers!

Melissa said...

Mmmm...drooooool! :) The perfect combination! Your card is perfect too! Love the bright pink and orange together!!

Bethaney said...

Maybe my mind is on the typewriter card you did, but this one sort of has that vintage vibe as well! Love it! And clever you making a sleeve for the cup! :-)
Oh and I love the owls as well. Orianna is an owl person, since she is an O, so we always notice owls.

Darcie said...

Thank you so much for your comments of late...I appreciate them. As for the card...LOVE it! You might gather though that I like anything and everything to do with coffee, and donut thrown in is like the "cherry" on top.

Hopping on as a follower. Is this your main blog?

Rebekah said...

@Darcie, yes this is my main blog for now! :)

Mj said...

Like Darcie said...thanks for your comments lately, also.btw..just another reason to come visit..she lives near us!