Monday, August 29, 2011

Flea market finds

We spent a day in resort-type town on Saturday.  They were having their Maxwell Street days along with a flea market.  I have been wanting some old display boxes of some sort to house some individual stamps and other fun crafty things in my corner.  I had told myself that I needed to get to a flea market to find these kinds of treasures, not knowing I would find myself at one so soon!  It was awesome.  I love the vintage wire tote...can't wait to clean it up and decorate it for fall.  And their was a SU demo there!!  Of course, I found a set I couldn't live without.  And even better, I love having found these things on our little mini vacation...I have a bunch of wonderful memories attached to these goodies!  Someday I will show you what I've done with them...but it might be awhile.  Every fall I totally reorganize my crafting corner.  After being away from it all summer, reorganizing helps me to reacquaint myself with what I have.  I usually accumulate a few stash piles from things I buy through out the summer.  Imagine!

But autumn is moving in slow but sure.  I already have a mum and I brought up our fist pumpkin from the garden.  We have several more!!  Once the kids are back in school, I haul out all my fall decor and also get some mums planted in various pots around the house.  There are usually enough summer flowers that have seen better days by then!

Thanks for stopping by!  What do you think of my new design?  Is the font easy to read?  Too small?  Give me some feedback and I'll play around with it some more to make it more user-friendly.


Patricia said...

Rebekah, I LOVE your yardsale finds! Especially the pepsi and coke boxes! Lucky you!

Lani said...

So cute. Love the new design, but the font is hard for me to read. But it may just be me, so don't change it unless you want to. :)

Melissa said...

Oooo! What great finds...especially that Pepsi box! LOL! I love your new owl design!! As for the font, I'm always partial to a basic Times New Roman for the text portion...easier to read for some reason. Looks great on the titles, etc. though! IMHO... :)

Janeen said...

my eyes are 61 so the script is a little harder to read, or maybe it's b/c of the BG color but i like the BG fallish color. GREAT finds. those boxes are really cool. SU , gotta love it. have fun with em.

~Michelle~ said...

fun finds!! I had a fun find rummaging Friday...a new little shelf I altered for my stamp room! $2,a piece of 12x12 designer paper and a Spellbinders border die! Tee Hee!

Can't wait to see your crafty space! It's always fun to see where others play!

Love your font...though I'm probably not the one to ask since I have a funky one on my blog! ;)

505whimsygirl said...

Love the fall colors. Also, I like the font, but like Michelle said, I have a funky font on my blog too! Maybe make the text a little bigger for those with older eyes?

Love, love, love the flea market finds! I went to a thrift store over the weekend and found some great things. It always makes me smile inside to repurpose lost items.