Saturday, July 2, 2011

Waffles w/fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream

I've had a constant craving for waffles w/fresh strawberry sauce and whipped cream since we've been enjoying our own fresh strawberries the last few weeks.
So I finally gave in and thought it would be a perfect Saturday morning breakfast!

I used this Overnight Waffle recipe
and this Strawberry Sauce recipe.

The waffles were good, but I think I still prefer my Buttermilk recipe.

DD1 wondered if she would get a fresh one if she slept in!
Likely she will, since the batter bowl can be put back in the fridge.


MonicaB said...

This looks yummy! I'm not much of a waffle person, but the strawberry sauce would make it great.

~Michelle~ said...

food coordinated to the holiday weekend! :) Yum!

Rebekah said...

@Michelle, hadn't even thought of that!