Thursday, June 23, 2011

SMASH fun!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon working on my SMASH album.
I love using pockets from memorabilia I've collected from our outings.
French fry holders, cookie holders, popcorn bag...

And I love how this all reminds me of the old memorabilia scrapbooks I used to throw together as a teenager. I would never take the time to scrapbook about some of this stuff, but SMASHing it goes together so quick and fun. Blame it on the marketing and hype, but this product is living up to it's expectations.
You can't say that about a lot of things.

Some stuff gets put in my Project Life album, so I'm finding it hard to know what to SMASH and what to file in PL!

My McDonald's "NOT SO LOVIN" IT" page,
The girls and I hit the McDonald's $1 spot one day. Ugh. It did NOT sit well with me. I'll take Culver's anyday!!! I plan on using the other page for a Culver's page! Something like "Follow me to Culver's" to go along with the cute biking image.

My ♥ Panera pages,
The "pocket" is from my cookie! Receipt for a Decaf Mocha Grande, a Panera menu and a picture of a recent breakfast there are tucked inside. On the first page, I listed all my favorite things that I've ever ordered.

And our from our family fun day the other day,

Trader Joe background is cut out from the brown paper bag we brought our groceries home in. The other side uses some of their sale flyer! The pocket is my popcorn bag. Inside I tucked our gift card holder, restaurant receipt and my DD2's list of meal choices she was going to pick! Also included a quote piece about the crazy lady in front of us in the service line-up at the garage...she was concerned that her tailpipe was unsightly (her exact word). We all got quite the giggle out of that. She had a rather new RAV4 too!

And some pages from my daughters' books,

For more SMASHing ideas and fun, check out their website!


mollymoo951 said...

You're rocking the SMASH book thing. I must not be there just yet...cuz I shuddered when you said you put in the french fry's greasy...but I'm sure it's not. :) LOL. You're bold...I'll follow. ;)

I love your DD's comment about the lady's unsightly tail pipe. I thought for a moment y'all were in line at the food place...and the tail pipe comment referred to someone's...ahem...behind. Sorry. I had to go back and re-read. Oops. LOL.

Thanks for sharing!

Misti said...

Ohhhh, that Panera page looks yummy!!! Trader Joes... we don't have one close, but I've heard great things about them!!! Your pages look great!!!

Cheri said...

great start on your smash book! I've been doing something similar for a couple of years and love collecting the little everyday things that I wouldn't make a scrapbook layout of.

Michelle said...

Ur book looks amazing so far! Love it!

~Michelle~ said...

looks like you're having fun with your smash books! :)