Monday, June 6, 2011

Play on words

Don't forget my SMASH'ing giveaway's open to everyone and ends at midnight, Wednesday, June 9th...that's this week already!

I was anxious to get a kick-start on the new week and do something creative! I checked out the SCS CAS challenge and was freshly inspired. I made this card for my MIL. She's been sick the last few weeks and is finally getting better, so I thought we'd "chicken" on her! We sure appreciate our dear friends that live near by her and keep "chicken" on her too.
You know who you are!

We appreciate all your efforts.

I bought these stamps from Hambo Stamps a long time ago and just haven't given them enough lovin'.

And on other fronts, it appears that summer is here! It's been in the 90s with some humidity. I love what each season brings and am thoroughly enjoying all the healthy doses of natural Vit. D I've been getting. The mulching is just about done and that makes me very happy. It cuts down on a LOT of weeding all summer. And looks nice too. Our community held their community-wide garage sales and that netted us a like-new violin, 2 complete sets of cross country skis for my daughters, a file cabinet for me and several other goodies.

So I'm off to enjoy the day. Some of it will be with my dad as he has a dr app't this morning. We'll likely have lunch together, and then I'll have the afternoon at home.
Will need to get a run in or some crunches and sit-ups in. Will see what mood I'm in when I get home.

Kids are done with school Thursday!


~Michelle~ said...

cute card! Enjoying summer in our parts too!! Kids were dipping in the pool 15 second intervals! LOL! Happy day!!

Melissa said...

VERY cute card! :) Summer is definitely here! I was hoping to get some creative time in today to start the new week too, but I think it will have to wait a day or two! :(

Jen said...

Adorable card. My daughter is out of school on Thursday, too. We're still waiting for summer weather here in Northern California. I think it's finally coming later this week :)