Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June OLW Blog Hop & SMASH'ing giveaway!

Happy June.
Happy summer.

Welcome to the June OLW blog hop!
If you've arrived here from Lynn's blog you are in the right place.
If you would like to start at the beginning, please go to Margie's blog.Link
A full list of everyone participating in the blog hop is listed below.

WARNING, this is a LONG post,
but at the very end there is a giveaway to enter.
DON'T miss out!
You do NOT have to be a participant in the blog hop to enter.

A quote from Ali's May presentation that goes along nicely with one of my documented goals,

We're heading into our 6th month with our OLW. I'm afraid my OLW has made itself at home and lost a few of it's manners!! But I'm thankful for the class project, that helps me refocus each month. Spending time working on my projects helps me remember again why it is I chose my word and why I don't want to give up. My DD said to me the other evening, "Mommy, your word next year should be SLOW". That really woke me up, because part of my word "mindfulness" has been to be more mindful of slowing done. Oops. As I head into the busy summer season, I'm glad for this opportunity to sit down and document that I want to savor the season and slow down.

I also documented about having a "mental dump". I want to be more mindful of what is really important to me right here and now and let that dictate my to-do list better.

I want to be more concrete with my creativity goals. I'm looking forward to Stacy Julian's class, Finding Photo Freedom, so I can get a system up and running for efficient scrapbooking.

Actions & Reactions...I want to be more mindful of wrong thoughts and attitudes and be willing to "nip them in the bud" before they dictate what I say or do.

One more thought I want to document, being mindful of my body's needs. I need to eat less sugar and limit my caffeine intake. I need to do relaxing yoga poses every evening. Yes, it's going to take time, but when I do it, I feel great and have a more relaxed sleep. Watching my sugar and caffeine will help alleviate PMS issues.

Documentation tab,

Documentation up close,

Full spread,

And looking from last month forward,

And I finally found an old Scrabble game at a garage sale!
The community next to us had their annual community-wide garage sale weekend.
I happened to be in town on Friday and some of them had already opened.

My second sale offered up this oldie, but goodie,

And so I made this reminder to sit on my kitchen shelf,
June 1 Blog Hop Participants






Lynn W


Melissa S

Lisa A




Jen S ;

Monica B2



Karen D


I also have a SMASHING giveaway for everyone to enter!!
Check out these SMASH goodies.

Check out this video here if you haven't heard about SMASH yet.

This giveaway includes
the Retro SMASH journal
the SMASH stamp
SMASH *word of mouth pad (30 sheets)
SMASH clips (6 in pkg)
SMASH pockets (4 in pkg)

To enter the giveaway,
*Leave a comment below

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Leave me a comment for each item done.

Entries for the giveaway will be accepted for one week.
I will randomly select and post the winner on Thursday, June 9th!

Good luck!

Thanks for stopping by!
This blog hop is so super inspirational for me.
I read and enjoy each of your comments.
Thank you.


Paula Laird said...

Wow! That is an AWESOMELY smashing giveaway! I would just hop up and down with happiness if I won. :) I love your "Mindful" scrabble tile sign! Gives me some good ideas. I bet my mom has an old, busted scrabble game. :)
I love reading about your creative process and it's place in your life. Thanks!

Jo.C said...

Wow - this is such a generous giveaway. I'm fascinated by the Smash products. Great post - I am so far behind on this class it is untrue.

Melissa said...

No need to enter me in your drawing, but I will indeed leave a link on my own blog to this AWESOME giveaway!! :) FANTASTIC!!! I'm just waiting now to dig into the one I purchased a couple weeks ago! Can't wait!!!
Love the Scrabble idea!

Jen said...

Don't you love how your kids teach you about life? I couldn't agree with you more about slowing down and making healthier choices. It takes work but feels better when you do, huh?

JennL said...

Really thoughtful posting this month. I love how your album is shaping up and how you embellished the spreadsheet. And what an awesome giveaway!

Melissa said...

What a great giveaway!! I have scrabble tiles in my craft room that say SCRAPTIME & Robbie has one in his collectible room that says TOYSNCARDS - so much fun. I've enjoyed using my leftover letters on layouts and cut up the old Scrabble board for the front & back of a mini-album I'm working on called Games We Play! I like the way you added the butterfly to the end of yours.

Pam said...

WOW! A smashing giveaway, indeed! i would love to win! thanks for the chance.

Pam said...

also - i follow your blog!

Marnie (stamplady_13) said...

I just heard folks on SCS talking about SMASH recently but really didn't know what it was. I watched the video and think it's "awesomely smashing" as Paula said. :) I also love the scrabble tile reminder you made for yourself. How cute! Hmmm. It just so happens I have an old Scrabble game laying around.....

Paula Laird said...

I follow your blog! :)

junelle said...

I adore the colors of your blog~ so happy and fun. Your OLW book is so gorgeous, too. Thank you for sharing so much of your precess and your pages. I love it all!

You are quite the inspiration!

Monika said...

This package is amazing! I saw already this very inspirational video via Big Picture Class. It is a fun way for journaling!

Lynn said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lynn said...

Love the colors/papers you are using. And I'm happy that we'll be hanging out in Photo Freedom too. Amazing giveaway - I haven't been able to get any of the Smash stuff yet!

Lynn said...

I became a follower of your blog!

Janeen said...

I always admire your organization skills. This is a very well done entry as is the rest of your blog, you make things so ALIVE. No need to enter me in the give-a-way however I will post it on my blog for others that may have an interest.

Kes said...

June 9th - the day before my Big-OH!! I turn 40 on the 10th - what a cool present this would be!

Kes said...

I am also a new follower!!

Janice said...


Came across your give away from Janeen's blog. Oh how I would love to win that. Scrapbooking has been on the back burner since we've moved a year ago but I need to get at it again... soon. We were in your mtg a few years ago with D & L Smith.

Mrs Starling said...

This would be awesome to win!! I have a penchant for notebooks/journals, and this is the first I've seen of this idea! (I found you via my sister-in-love Melissa)!

Mrs Starling said...

And now I'm a follower!!

MonicaB said...

I haven't heard of SMASH but it looks really cool. Love the colors and the butterflies on your pages. Great post!

MonicaB said...

I'm a follower now...

Anonymous said...

I can't become something I already am...I check your blog when I do my personal blog hopping!

I don't have a blog to blog about you on...

I think you are quite "tweet" but again I don't "tweet" either!

Would you share any extra letters from your Scrabble find...I would like the word "ADAPT"...of course I would need the holder also...and you could put a flower image on extra blocks for me! Cute is all I can say!!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like quite a few of us are doing photo freedom :) I Love how your album is evolving.

Nikki Sadler said...

lovely post - your album is looking great. Thanks for sharing xx

richardbreaks said...

What a great system you have for "working your life." Looks great, too! Love the Scrabble word!

Anonymous said...

would love to win a smash collection! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just added your blog to my google reader subs!

Anonymous said...

And tweeted it too!!!/lauribauer

jillconyers said...

Your OLW album is coming together wonderfully! I wish I would have taken SJ's Photo Freedom class. Next time.

jamie said...

wow! a smash giveaway! sign me up. that was pure bonus after your words and thoughts about 'mindfulness'. and i am in love with the scrabble word reminder. perfect!
thanks for letting me visit.
thanks for the giveaway.

kerianne said...

So I posted a comment yesterday but it didn't show up :(

I think I definately NEED this I am moving to St. Louis in a month so my stamping budget just went to nada ;)

Melissa said...

I love your honesty - love that your DD gave you a wake up call! :)

Oh and WOW love those Smash goodies!

Cheri said...

I had one of those aha moments many years ago when I was so busy between a full-time job and working a scrapbooking business part-time that one of my daughters said "it's like you're not even our mom anymore". Kind of stops you dead in your tracks doesn't it? Love all the butterflies in your OLW album and your pages are looking great!

Misti said...

Love the scrabble idea!! I hadn't heard about SMASH before reading about it from you. It looks awesome! :D

Cherie said...

I am a new follower. I found a link to your blog on another blog, and I found you that way! I just read about the SMASH journal in a scrapbook magazine, and was interested in learning more about them! I look forward to reading more of your posts! The projects you have posted are awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

cherie.goyer at

mollymoo951 said...

Totally awesome give-a-way! Smashing! :-D

Patricia said...

WOW! Awesome giveaway! You are so generous! I was just looking at these the other day and thought that this would be awesome to have! Thanks for the opportunity ti win!

Patricia said...

I am already a follower, by the way!

nikki said...

what a fab giveaway! i'm already a foller of your blog :)

Kirsty.a said...

Oh what a shame, it is already 9.30 on June 9th and I have only just seen this fantastically generous giveaway. If I'm not too late, please include me in the draw. I am planing to do a SMASH book for my summer holiday and am waiting for them to becoe available again

Rebekah said...

@Kirsty.a, sorry this giveaway closed Thursday night!