Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's in bloom, part 2

I wandered around the yard yesterday capturing what's in bloom this week. It's such a wondering journey, full of beauty and color. Last week's tour is recorded here. Notice that little honeybee. DH has two hives (two more will be set up soon!). Look at the pollen on her back leg. WOW! She was having fun finding what was in bloom too!

I think I need to plant some other colors besides red. I've never noticed how much yellow we have! I'm not a huge fan of planting bulbs (just ask DH who usually bails me out when I bring home a few), so this likely won't get done, but maybe I can at least divide and move some of the red tulips in with all the yellow.

I noticed so much that is growing too, that I decided to do a series on that too. Now, granted, everything is growing this time of year, but these are few of my favorites!

And yes, even our little chickies are growing up and have lots of their downy soft fuzz!

And last but not least, "...and the green grass grew all around and around
And the green grass grew all around...."(your welcome!) :)

What's growing in your corner of the world?


Lisa said...

Those flowers are beautiful, I love them all put together! I noticed when we moved into our last house that the lad had mostly yellow too, must be common. =)

Lori said...

Beautiful shots!

We can't keep chickens for anything! Found two dead in the yard the last two days. Don't know how they are even getting out, being in a cage inside a pen!

And, I immediately started singing and sarcastically said "thank you", right before I read "you're welcome." LOL