Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thought I had nothing to say today...

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

BUT...this post rings so true for me after an experience this weekend! As you know from my earlier post, a DF and I were out scrapbooking together all day Saturday. Later that evening, my oldest daughter called to say hi. She told me that she had been "mini-mommy" all day and had taken photos through-out the day to document their day with out me! I love that she has observed this trait about me. I can't wait to get her photos developed. It will be a fun summer project for her to scrapbook them and tell about their day without me.

Here's a few that she took.
Some I editted to give them a boost. She must have been moving too quick, b/c many of them were slightly blurred!!

Thanks Becky Higgins for the inspiration to make this project a priority!!

Love this view of her closet, **not editted**,
she captured this mood all on her own!

Our bed that never got made!

Wearing Mommy's clothes,

The rainy, gloomy day they had,

Daddy made bread,

DQ for supper!

Fun play,

All picked up,

Helping dad,


Melissa said...

How awesome that she took photos of the day for you!!

Melissa said...

It looks like she did an awesome job!! I'm still smiling, thinking of her documenting the day! You're rubbing off on her in a big way! :) LOVE it! :) :)

Anonymous said...

That did me good...what a precious day in her life shared...

~Michelle~ said...

very fun....she took great pictures!! :)