Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

I made this card for my DD's teacher. My previous post about all the cards I made for this week were to be from our parent/teacher group, but I wanted to give my DD's teacher one from just us, along with her tote. The card was inspired by the stamp set and shadowing technique used here on a card by mamamostamps.


Melissa said...

Oh dear! I completely forgot this week is Teacher's Appreciation Week! Eeek! Better get something whipped up today so it can be delivered tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder and I really like the colors you used with this stamp set!!!

~Michelle~ said...

good thing for bloggie friends who are the had slipped my mind too! I sent a box of cards off to ds's teacher today.

Don't think many people acknowledge it, sadly. He said he didn't see anyone else bringing her anything.