Sunday, May 1, 2011

OLW May Blog Hop

Welcome back to another month of working with our OLW!

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This month, Ali asked us to write a letter to ourselves. We were to think of the "right now" and where we're at and write a little on that. Then we were to think about a year from right now and ask ourselves about where we want to be then! It was a neat experience, and I look forward to rereading my letter in a year.

Here are a few pictures that have helped me in my mindfulness quest this month.

We had quite a storm move through to the north of us one evening. I enjoyed capturing several beautiful sky pictures. I love how the sun was shining perfectly through a gap in the clouds at one point. A lovely reminder that the sun is always shining behind the clouds.

I took this photo on our family bike ride recently. I love the reminder it gives me to take it the beauty of life all around me,
not just what's right in front of me!

And if you've been reading my blog for long, you know I love the sound of running water. Every time I take a run, it's about 1 mile to the creek that runs through our park. I always pause here and stretch and breath. I take my ear buds out and just take in the sounds of nature. I can instantly feel my body unwind. Then I'm off running again, literally! :)

And one last photo, my seven lucky letters:
I'm hoping to do something creative with these soon. I'm in the process of looking for an old Scrabble game so I can use the old wooden letter stand! I've been busy scouring the local Goodwill and thrift shops.

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Lynn said...

Your photos are beautiful! While the first one is breathtaking and amazing that you caught it at just the right time I really like the one of your bicycle mirror and looking not just forward - love the thought!

ScrappnBee said...

Those photos are beautiful! I love the sun behind the clouds. Here in PNW we actually get "sunbreaks" from the constant cloudiness and drizzle. Great job! Love the scrabble letters too btw!-Amanda

Jinnag said...

Wonderful post - love your photos. J x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! I'm a huge fan of the sound of running water, too, so I'm jealous of your stretch spot!!

Karen (Mrs. Green Jeans) said...

I have one of those Scrabble boards (not for sale though) - it was left in the 100 year old cottage we're living in right now. Furthermore, our cottage is on a creek, so we hear that rushing water you are so fond of, 24-7. I too love the sound of it, but wonder if I'll ever long for the sound of silence! I'll let you know (ha, ha).

Cheri said...

Beautiful post Rebekah! I love the water sounds as well - especially the ocean.

MonicaB said...

Amazing photos! The sun shining through the clouds is just breathtaking. Wonderful post!

JennL said...

lovely photos to complement lovely thoughts.

i have been collecting old scrabble games for about a year. i paint & decorate the wooden stands and then add letters to make a nameplate for desks, etc.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely photos that are perfect for your word. The bike ride shot fits with Aprils prompt too.

jamie said...

your photos are fabulous. great jumping place for some creativity indeed.
have you looked on etsy for scrabble letters?
glad i stopped by.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Love the one of the creek.

~Michelle~ said...

beautifully restful photos!! Perfect for a Sunday post! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your photos! Thanks for the comment on my blog:D

Margie S said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for checking in! I'm so glad you joined us for the blog hop again!

cinback said...

What a stunning sky!

Jen said...

That sky photo is amazing. I really like your bike trip photo, too. I need to come visit you more. You've got some fun stuff here.

jillconyers said...

Love your photos!! Perfect to represent MINDFUL.