Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lookee what came yesterday, SMASH!!!

I got my first delivery of SMASH goodies. I also got some more of it at Archiver's this weekend. It has officially hit the stores! A friend mentioned taking a class over at BPC, Kidding Around {2}. I won't be taking the class (I'm classed out right now!), but that gave me the grand idea of doing this with my girls this summer! They are always collecting goodies through our summer adventures that they could easily SMASH. I hope it will be a SMASHing success for us. :) I ordered directly from K&Co, received free shipping on my order and have already rec'd it. I've ordered some more goodies from 2 other companies (pre-orders) before ordering from K&Co and haven't rec'd them yet or even gotten an email that they are shipped.


Melissa said...

What a fun summer project for you & the girls! And what a happy package to receive!

~Michelle~ said...

looks like fun! :)