Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great minds think alike

Check out Melissa's blog candy here. I'm doing the same thing soon (remember my announcement...you're going to want to visit again to see it soon!!!). We didn't even discuss it, so that's proof that great minds think alike!

No crafty stuff from me today. It's another beautiful day, so I'm off to get a walk in and then mow and maybe weed. Maybe after I've soaked up enough sunshine, I'll head down to my corner, but somehow staying inside on a day like this just doesn't work for me!


Melissa said...

Oh, lucky you - we have a gray rainy day here! Enjoy!

Melissa said...

The sunshine is calling!! :) We're heading out too in a little bit! Just can't waste a gorgeous day indoors! Thanks for visiting my blog and spreading the blog candy excitement! :) Can't wait for yours!!!! *drool!*

Lisa said...

Isn't it nice to have days like that?! Supposed to be our nicest day of the week, so I'm heading out to enjoy it also. It is almost impossible to stay in.