Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With Sympathy

I needed a few more Sympathy cards today. But, wow, was the creativity mojo stuck in a major way. Nothing was working. I was even trying to CASE and it still didn't get the spark going. I also had three SCS challenge threads open, and they didn't happen with these two cards either! Finally a fellow SCS Flybaby friend posted our weekly challenge. The option was given to use something new. For my second card, I quick grabbed this new floral stamp I purchased at Hobby Lobby several weeks ago and hadn't inked up.

I really hate it when I get a cramp in my creativity mojo. I love when I get a daily flow of it going, but then things happen in life that cramp it all up. For good reason I know, but still frustrating! And to top it off, it's 68* out today. A gorgeous, sunny day and here I was down in the "dungeon" where it's likely around 60*. I'm freezing as I sit here typing. Also my kids are home for an early release day, so I really, really want to just play with them. And I have meatballs and lemon bars to make LOL!!! What a day! SO....onward and two sympathy cards! Happy is here, honest...I just get frustrated sometimes when I can't just sit down and crank some cards out!


Melissa said...

I think these turned out lovely!

Misti said...

Gorgeous cards, Rebekah! I think Sympathy cards are the hardest cards to make!

Paula Laird said...

These are beautiful! I especially like the dandelion one. Sympathy cards are always difficult for me too. I think it's because they're just no fun to make.