Sunday, April 10, 2011


I love watching all the daily and weekly changes that a new season brings!

last week,

this week,

Here's another change I witnessed this evening in just a matter of seconds. You can see the small hole in this cloud. After taking a few pictures, I realized the clouds had moved and the sun was shining perfectly through that hole!

I was instantly reminded of the hymn we sang at my grandfather's funeral
"Back of the Clouds",

Never fear tho' shadows dark
Around your path may fall,
Do not let your heart be troubled;
From His throne in heaven,
God is watching one and all,
He will ever care for you.


Back of the clouds the sun is always shining,
After the storms your skies will all be blue;
God has prepared a rosy-tinted lining,
Back of the clouds it's waiting to shine thru.

Winter long is over and the spring has gone her way,
Often has the storm clouds gathered.
But the rain has only made the blossoms look more gay..
Given earth a brighter Hue.

Keep the light of hope eternal dwelling in your heart.
Rest upon the Father's promise,
And you'll find that care and trouble will depart..
heaven's peace will enter in.

Here's to a wonderful new week!

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Melissa said...

I missed this when I visited your blog earlier today! Love the hymn! It's beautiful, as are your pictures!