Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The results are IN

I've been enjoying looking over the results of the poll I did recently. It looks like the top three things my readers (that's YOU!!) enjoy on my blog are posts related to:

*scrapbooking (YIKES, guess I'd better get scrapping!)
*stamping (yep, could do a bit more of that too!)
*cooking (no problem there, that gets done every day no matter what!)

Posts related to Project Life come in close behind cooking.

Thank you for YOUR input.
This is all great information to know and will help me as I continue with my blogging journey.

Here's a few photos from my Project Life journey,

I use Project Life by Becky Higgins

Gas prices at $4 and still rising...

Registration opened for Finding Photo Freedom,

Ah, the Royal Wedding...

Sleepy chics from a traumatic night/morning...the hoop house they are in got turned over by the high winds...
I'm participating in a local step challenge, so everyday I don my trusty pedometer!


Melissa said...

Great photos for your project life - can you believe the price of gas?? YUCK

Melissa said...

Oh boy! I completely forgot about the royal wedding! What a great photo for the day!!!