Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project Life update

I love Project Life by Becky Higgins

Just wanted to check in with some Project Life pictures. It's a project that is still going strong for me and I love it! The photos shown start with current ones and go back to the last few weeks. I have plenty of photos of people too, but I don't share those on this open blog, but I thought you might enjoy these other non-people photos!

Thankfulness begets thankfulness.

A cold robin wondering where spring went yesterday!

Sunday dinner, Chicken & Rice

Can't believe the weather was nice enough last week to take a 10-mile bike ride, but it was!

My dad had a heart catherization last week, so I brought my laptop up and worked on pictures. With a beautiful view of our capitol and the lake!

I was desperately waiting for these clothes to arrive from Very slow shipping FYI! I didn't get them in time for what I was wanting them for, but I do love them so they are all keepers.

DH has planted some seeds...
asters, peppers, cabbage, broccoli and a few others I can't remember!

This was a few weeks ago already...the lilacs are really leafing out now.

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~Michelle~ said...

had to laugh at your slow shipping comment....I ordered something too that took forever to get got here ONE day later than I had hoped! It's the shipping's fault...not mine, that I could have ordered it sooner! *wink!*

We took our first 10 mile bike ride 2 weeks ago...then we get 10 inches of snow last night! Hurry up spring!!